1. hey everybody so im rather new to this site and not quite sure how to use it... but here goes nothing so im going to be starting a project build which i hope to put into a fox body mustang but first for the motor. i started with a 1984 f-250 with a 351w in it. i plan to disassemble the motor this weekend just trying to figure out my best options.this will be my first solo build i want the motor to put out around 375-400 hp after all said and done ive been searching online and found tons of different options but nothing that really explains what benefits i will get or exactly where to start. what would be my first steps as far as parts go is there anything specific i need to know? should i buy a complete rebuild kit or should i search for parts separately? when i bring it to the machine shop is there anything specific i should be asking them to do? does anybody recommend boring the engine? does it make that much of a difference? thank you guys for the help
  2. As for things to ask the machine shop. I'd magnaflux, hot tank,line bore,etc. To maximize your build I highly recommend aftermarket alum heads,switching to a hyd roller cam,minimumly new pistons,rings,bearings,oil pump,bolts,gaskets,etc. any machine work(over boreing,turn the crank,etc) will be determined by the condition of the block. A quality machine shop should let you know what you need. I also highly recommend putting in a stroker kit if you are buying any parts of the rotating assembly. To put it in your mustang you'll also need a 351 specific oil pan,dizzy,motor mounts,etc.
  3. Under the 5.0 tech board is gearbangers sticky on the 351'swap. It has a lot of info on doing the swap and should be required reading. It is that complete. If I was that power hungry I would not hesitate doing it and a cowl hood for clearance. Pleasec excuse the coffee free spelling.
  4. thank u guys very much
  5. do i need to switch out the crank shaft or will the stock crankshaft work assuming that its in good condition? like i said my goal is somewhere around 375-400 hp also any recommended rebuild kits?
  6. If it checks out it will be fine.