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  1. My father-n-law has been workin on a 408 clevor, using a 351 roller block. He has found that the mains are jacked up a little, so now he is looking at using a different block.

    I know the 69-74 are the strongest, with 69&70 having the deck height issues. He has another 1985 351 block, but I'm not sure that it is any stronger than the roller block. Anyone have any specs on the late 70's and 80's blocks?

    Also, he has already bought an exspensive pair of solid roller lifters, which fit the roller block without modification. He thinks that they will work in a non-roller block. I don't think they will. Where is the difference in the blocks that require the retrofit rollers? I believe it is in the lifter height itself. Anyone care to enlighten me?

  2. if you father in law is Doug from TNR? the linkbar solids will work with any of the blocks. from what im told its the hydraulic roller lifters that the different oil hole locations need specific lifters. all the W blocks will work fine. either way you will have to drill the deck and make an intake work.
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  3. No, he is Ronnie. Not sure what his screen name is. He will be glad to know the lifters are good then. Is there any gain in using the 85 block over the roller, or does he need to source a 71-74 block?

    Thanks Clements, you have been a big help lately!

  4. My buddies motor is a 79 block and its fine. ive got a 94 and a 71 block and there isn't that much difference. its the 302 blocks that there is a more of a difference in, but an early 302 block has nothing on the worst Windsor block. I would use which ever one fits the stack height of the rotating assembly better.
  5. 69-70 have a 9.48" deck height, 71+ is 9.503"

    Clement is right on its the hyd roller lifters you have to watch.

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  6. 71+ makes it a lot easier to use modern parts. 71-74 blocks have thicker castings so if you plan on making a lot of power see if you can pick up one of those. IT's not difficult to convert those into a roller setup.