351W f4te engine block - what would you pay?

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  1. re the valve covers and clearance thing, i used comp pro magnum rockers which let me use stock height valve covers. then i didn't need a spacer.

    and i have a 96-98 cobra hood with a typhoon intake and a k-member from AJE that is supposed to drop the motor about 3/4". there was a spot where it hit, but it was fine because we only had to remove a little of the bracing under the hood to fix it.

    of course the typhoon is really holding the motor back, but i like the bling of it and it is already plenty fast enough for me, especially since i am 100% street and never go to the track

    heh i'd have been happy if it was only 6 grand. i think i ended up closer to 10 grand all told. then again, i got all the polished stuff and agreed to all the suggestions my builder made, some of which were not really necessary
  2. Yeah, $10K is closer to the truth. I'm just saying if you buy every single part you can used, and happen to be having sex with a machinest, then you might get it done for $6K.

  3. Wait? you don't have sex with your machinist? :rolleyes:
  4. Kind of. He kind of F'd me by making me wait 7 months for my engine. I can't complain too much because of the deal I got. I gave him an old 302 short block and a stroker kit, and he gave me back an assembled stroker short block for $325. He did $1000 of machine work to my heads for $400. I might not have the best stroker engine, but I bet I have almost everyone beat on price.

  5. my machinist is a big dude with bad teeth and tattoos ... no thanks. :puke:
  6. Welfare racing man. How far will you go to have a fast Mustang.

  7. Is that like taking one for the team?
  8. Yup.
  9. Well if he already has his pants down....Why not take 1 more for the team and get me some rock bottom machinist prices too. :nice: