351w Forged Pistons, Comp Cam+lifters, Turbo for sale

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by dli1314, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. Speed Pro Forged pistons, part number ZL2446F30

    Speed Pro ZL2446F30 - Speed-Pro Power Forged Pistons - summitracing.com

    pistons/pins have been balanced. I was going to use stock rods on my project but I went with some eagle H beams so I can't use these since they are press fit.


    Comp Cams 270H Hydro Flat tappet cam and lifter kit

    SB 302 Ford 1982-95 & 351W 1969-95. Magnum 270H hydraulic flat tappet cam. From Competition cams.
    270/270 advertised duration
    224/224 duration @.050"
    .500/.500 lift
    110 degree lobe separation
    RPM power range 1800-5800

    High performance. Biggest cam with stock converter. Lower gears. Likes headers. Mild rough idle.


    Garrett GT35 Diesel Turbo

    $300 firm

    internally gated
    Non-Ball Bearing
    .65 compressor housing, 1.17 exh housing
    T4 style divided inlet flange.
    6 bolt outlet

    located in federal way WA. will ship all items, but you pay shipping+packing costs.
  2. Do you have a crankshaft balanced with these rods and pistons? If so, what type of rear seal?
  3. crank and rods are gone. Pistons only.

    Pistons now $200. Rings included.
  4. i need them pistons
  5. Are you local?
  6. sale pending for pistons:

    Turbo and Cam+lifter combo still available...
  7. Still have the turbo?
  8. still have everything....
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