351w in a fox?!?!?!

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  1. 460? how much weight would you gain?
  2. Holy smokes, can you say brought back from the dead.
  3. wow ! this thread is almost 3 yrs old!

  4. waaaaay too much to even drive down the street lol :)
  5. I like this thread! Even if it is from 03!

    Hows that for bringing one back from the dead ;)

    I'm actually thinking of doing this to my 92..... just not sure what cam to pick :S
  6. this thread has 9 lives, at this rate, it will back in 2020
  7. i just came across this thread and thought i had struck gold but none of the links work any more. do any of you know where the original links lead to? i'm trying to get as much info on this as possible. i printed out rougly 15 pages of info from another thread but still looking for more :nice:

    do any of you know of any books or sites that have an actual swap documented with pics? i've never done this (and probably bitten off more than i can chew) so i'll be needing a ton of help/advice/input as i go along so i'll take whatever info is available.
  8. whatever help you need just PM me i've done the swap and willing to help you out with any info.Heres this info i saved from when i was doing my 351 swap courtsy of Keith Keith Cauley's 351 swap faq's | The go fast for cheap home page peace

  9. A HA! See! After I revival information was passed on! excellent lol :)
  10. Impressive amount of info. I've always wanted to know EXACTLY whats involved.

  11. THANX! i'll definitely be taking you up on the offer.
  12. unfortunately i found a ridiculously good deal on a 302 for my fox conversion.... only problem is i only have a 2 barrel intake laying around... I need to find a 4 barrel and intake!!
  13. So I know its been a while since this has been posted in, but, I have a question regarding the serp belt system, i own a bronco right now with a 351, and plan on taking it out and putting in a stang im getting. i have thought about it and decided i dont plan on having P/s and just getting a manual rack from flaming river, and could care less about A/c. my question is since i already have all of the serp belt system from the original 351, would i still have the get the adaptor stuff for the 5.0 set-up and get 5.0 stuff, or would the original 351 belt set up fit in there and not hit anything. I plan on getting a tubular k-member. and also, is it possible just to use a MSD 6al Box with the stock distributor (its a 92) or if i get a non-TFI distributor, would that work with the 6al set up and Street fire coil i have now
  14. The belt will work fine you will just need a shorter one,i have a bracket to remount the alt.So no reason to use the 302 stuff.You can use a TFI dizzy you will just need to put a flat tappet cam gear on it.Then it will be plug and play for the fox harness.peace

  15. Well, i was gonna switch to carb intake instead of the EFI, the car originally has a 2.3 in it, and i just dont wanna deal with finding a 5.0 harness etc. So, since i wont have the ECU in the car, i was wondering if a MSD 6AL box works for ignition control purposes, since, any wiring stuff etc, i can do, if it requires a different ditributor or getting one makes it easier that not a problem, just curious, i got quite a project ahead of me, just those few questions i had.
  16. so ive got an 88 fox hatch i can pick up a 351w for 250 bucks from a buddy and i was wondering what ill have to do to my fuel system to keep the 351 carbed instead of fuel injected.
  17. are there any fuel system changes i would have to make to keep the 351 carbed instead of fuel injected?
  18. This thread is forever cursed to be resurrected
  19. We revive this thread one more time, I am currently going about this build.

    I love all the info posted and thank you for the great info