351w in and running, but problem

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  1. We cranked my 351w tonight for the first time. It took us a minute to set the timing right and get it to crank but it did. We begain to break in the cam and about 3 min. into the break in, the entire header begain to glow fire red. it looked like a hot coal that just came out of fire. we immediately shut it down. what could the problem be. any help would be great.

  2. oh yea a little more info on the car that may or may not help.
    -no egr tube (there was no spot on the headers for the tube)
    -stock fuel pump
    -30# injectors
    -stock distributor
  3. timing way off, extreme lean, check that kinda stuff
  4. those are the exact two things we came up with. we figured either the stock fuel pump wasn't pushing enough fuel, or timing was off. any other suggestions.

  5. if the header was glowing red that means its running rich. Definately get a bigger fuel pump and a kirban fuel pressure regulator though.
  6. Just out of curiosity, I was wondering what type of stock distibutor you have. You don't mean stock 302 in the 351, do you? :shrug:
  7. you can't use a 302 on a 351w the shaft is 1 inch to short. we are using the stock dist. from the 94-95 lightning. so the general thought is that it is running lean.
  8. it's NOT rich. it's lean. it would have to be ungodly rich to even begin to glow red and even then i don't think it would glow.

    are you sure your timing is right?
  9. how long did it take you to build up the 351w? Did you have to do any modifications to suspension, or anything else? Another thing do you still have the stock sn95 computer in there? How is it working with the 351w?
  10. it took me about 8 months. the reason it took so long is waiting on parts and deciding what combo i wanted to go with. it took AFR 2 months to get me my heads. we didn't have to do anything to the suspension. i am not sure how it runs with the stock computer, all we did was crank it for about three min. and then had to shut it off.
  11. keep us posted on how it goes. I have been interested in a 351w build, but I have debating between a 331 or 351w in the future. Let me know how it runs with the stock coputer.
  12. Digging up an old thread. How did everything turn out. I see this one ended before you got everything squared away.
  13. the headers no longer glow after the car has been ran. the car runs great. i contact slyvette, since he had done a 351w swap and he informed me that with a flat tappet cam, the headers would glow on the cam breakin. the car runs great and with a little tunning feels like it has a lot more horse power that is yet to be discovered. i couldn't be more happy with the 351w, didn't cost to much more that a stroked 5.0.
  14. Nice, good to see a completed project. I just bought a gt and sold the v6 to my sister. waiting for her to get out of med school because I can buy it back for dirt cheap and have my project car.

    Any pics of the finished project.
  15. did u get cusotm headers and exhaust from bassani and hooker or what?
  16. Dont get too worried. I ran my car when it was near stock at 2500rpms for 3 minutes in my garage and the headers glowed red. They werent cherry red, but I could see then glowing even with garage lights on.
  17. Lets hear more about your car, I'm interested in this swap. Did you get a chip burnt for the computer?
  18. a realllllly old thread but hey.....i wanna hear or see an update.

    U get a dyno yet? any track times?

    THanks cause im thinkin about runnin a 351 also....
  19. Me too. I'd love to see some pics of a 351 in an sn95.
  20. still have not dyno'd, college has been keeping me busy. my bbk throttle body should be here around wed. and we just put 3:73 gears in it. the car is extremly fun to drive and is very quick. if i knew how to post pics i would. if someone would like to host some, i will take some this weekend and send them.