351w Is Coming Out 2.3 Is Going In!!!

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  1. two T3 turbos on the 351 and your in buisness.
  2. yeah but that brings up a whole other bunch of tuning issues that I'm not confident I can work out.
  3. I thought about doing this to one, to get an economical daily driver, but I have not gottet to it yet. I do have a spare 2.3 efi and a matching T5 setup laying around.

    That 351 should absolutely haul faster than that. My 5.0 82 car does 8.2 eighth miles on motor and 7.80's on a 100 shot with just a 90,000 mile 1968 302. I would be thinking the 351 would have low 7 or high 6 eigth mile potential very easily.
  4. I was shooting for 6's with some more nitrous but now I just need to figure out where the hp I have is going.
  5. damn you, after this current stang was done I wanted to be the first with a 2.3T fox to lay down insane numbers

    my plan was to be a stripped down notch with a c-4 and some other tricks and secrets. in basic, I plan to take some ls1/srt-4/corvette/fat heads money
  6. sounds great, hey i have an 88 lx that i am droping ing an 85 2.3t in to. i still have the block out so what mods should i make to the block since it is already out :shrug:
  7. depends on how far you plan to go with it
  8. nothing I still have a 100% stock long block including untouched head. Just jam a little nitrous in there and it'll go.
  9. I've heard the stock shortblock can take over 400hp but that is just word of mouth, I don't actually have one
  10. Mods to the block? Only "mods" I made to my block was a crank scraper, windage tray, and ARP rod bolts. The rotating assembly is pretty stout...the head is what needs all the work.
  11. oh god i think I just wet myself...

    esslinger crate motor :drool:

    I read the artical, 12.1 CR jebus hubert christ.

    I wander how this is gonna work for turbo applications?

  12. they will biuld just about whatever you want. either that, or they will have most of the parts for you to get there yourself

    I want the 2.5 package with thier head, and I WILL put the stock 2.3 valve cover on it :cool: :sleeper:

    I see it this way, if there are stock block, streetable, 3800+lb t-birds running around seeing 12's...........I think a fully worked esslinger 2.5 block wiht a t04 and some no2 in a fully lightened notch sould see some record setting times :banana:
  13. hell, with some of there stuff you could probobly make a decent N/A notch with some spray. now NOBODY would see that ass beating coming :banana:
  14. Well a 12.1 cr that might be some street drivability issues.

    but I do think a good na build up could smack some cars stoplight to stoplight.
  15. How much are those motors going to go for? $3000+?
  16. dang my cars don't go for that much
  17. you are a wise man my friend :nice:
  18. or if you want even more power get a DOHC from england off of a cosworth might cost a pretty penny but you cant beat it.
  19. i know a local guy who was running a stock auto merkur

    he had

    roller cam (ranger)
    IHI turbo (small from T-bird)
    no intercooler
    stock open 2.5" downpipe
    dodge 52# injectors
    150 direct port funny gas

    he went mid 12's with slicks letting off becuase it still had the unsufficient stock fuel pump