351w Is Coming Out 2.3 Is Going In!!!

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  1. what year did the t bird change from the IHI to the T3
  2. I may need to call a little BS for a few reasons.
    IHI, no cooler, & stock fuel pump all sound like it will struggle to hit the 16's.
    Why did it have an IHI?
    What programming was he running to use the big injectors?
    How did he spray a 150 shot with the stock fuel and it live anyway?
    I'm intercooled and have a very stout fuel system and could not spray a 150 shot without popping head gaskets?
    Finally I don't see a C3 trans being able to take very many 14 second runs, let alone the weak 7.5" IRS rear.

    It must have been a very special car.

  3. Actually I believe esslinger's ministock engines run in the $10K range. I know their engines for the off road racing trucks are $12K.
  4. do some searching on turbford.org

    his name is neil geirach

    i watched him with my own eyes

    IHI for faster spooling, the boost was set at 15psi, with the nitrous it ended up at 20psi on the gauge, for fuel all he had was the regulator and the 52# dodge injectors are about the only injector that somehow runs fine on the stock ECU (auto XR), and keep in mind the nitrous was direct port

    this guy is insane with domestic turbo 4 bangers, myself and everyone i know is still perplexed by his accomplishments, i watched him compete against john huber in neil's 2.0 pinto block mustang drag car (used to be a V8) he ran 10.3, huber threw a rod but neil was winning anyway, i was competing against huber too in street class but got my ass handed to me every run i made in that class (my truck, not running right and i flat out sucked)

    neils daily driver is a dodge shadow RT (ran a 12.8 at st louis on a slipping clutch) its insane, 2step, 2 intercoolers (y-pipe) and water/meth injection
  5. So you are obviously talking about World Ford Challenge when all of that running was going on.
    I did talk to neil. Since you brought him up I find the story more believable.

    Huber was in the 9's and would have been on that run too. I think neil just cut a better light.

    If you were at WFC8 did you see the guy that proposed out on the track?
  6. this was at mo-kan dragway near joplin missouri

    huber was only in the 10's that day, he had traction issues almost the length of the track, new setup...which threw a rod and almost shorted the world a tall-deck block
  7. at WFC he did short the world a tall deck block
  8. Pocket change, fo sho.
  9. the 7.5 is really not weak just the ford T-lok that was used is weak. spyders are too small and not enough support.

    the Auburn LSD is an easy fix for the 7.5 "weakness"

    also TA performance has a 7.5 girdle for about $160.

    with those additions the 7.5 can handle almost the same power as the 8.8 with similar mods to the 8.8
  10. damn him, the guy who originally put my truck together has 3, not sure if they are all good or not, one is in his pinto