Engine 351W - Max Lift? Which Heads Are Better?

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  1. Also, is the .625 lift too large for these heads/engine?
  2. Thats a pretty radical cam there. On a Small block the biggest limiting factor is the factory heads, intake, exhaust. Whats the intended use of this vehicle?
  3. It's a 94 GT vert that had an AODE that was swapped to a T5 out of a foxbody. It has 4.10's in the rear [going back to 3.55's or 3.27's]. The engine will be a 1983 351w with an edelbrock performer upper/lower, 42# injectors [for now], 255lph fuel pump, king cobra clutch, moates quarterhorse, LMAF, and a 68mm Boost Brothers turbo kit, the exhaust will have no cats and either just be dumped or go through a set of magnaflow race mufflers and out the back.

    The car will be used for racing and maybe to take out once a week for some fun. It will not be used as a DD.
  4. OK My recommendation is to contact someone like Ed Curtis/ Lunati.....You can run a high lift is the duration is right. But then again if you are going EFI you may want something computer friendly. If you do use a turbo then lift isn't as critical. Those Cam specs you provided are going to require a very strong valve train. But best way is to contact a cam manufacturer and see what they say. Seeing how they grind their own cams they can tell you exactly what you can get away with.

    Is there any reason you went with a 83 Block?
  5. The only reason I went with a 83 is because I was able to get it cheap from a reputable source.
    My uncle builds drag cars and someone already had the block and such, so they paid him to clean it, bore it over, change the pistons and rings, etc... For a mild foxbody.
    The person ran out of money and was unable to pay, so I got the engine practically given to me.
  6. That cam is way too big. You'll go full coil bind and then some on E7s. I wouldn't bother with any cam until you can afford better heads.

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