351w Non Roller To Roller?

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  1. have a non roller 351w. was wondering what all id have to do to make it a roller. i have a tfs1 cam, roller rockers rods ect all new out of my 302. dont know what will fit and what wont, or anythibg extra i will need. its going in a sn95. with an on3 turbo kit
  2. Never done it myself but I've seen lifter kits for the conversion. I think that some machining is required but I'm not sure about that either. I would imagine that custom length pushrods would also be needed.

    Perhaps @horse sence knows more since he deals a lot with that generation of Mustangs.
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  3. I would never do a pushrod engine without checking the geometry and getting hardened pushrods anyway.

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  4. Revhead I e-mailed on3 performance to see if the kit would work with a 351. If not I think the easiest rout would be to just buy a stock bore 302. Found some one craigslist for $50-$200.
  5. There would be machine work need to install a newer roller cam in a non roller block .
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  6. It's not machine work it needs. The lifter bores in a non roller block aren't tall enough for stock style roller lifters. You have to run link bar lifters.


  7. I think he's referring to machine work specific to the cam. Do the older blocks not have to be reworked to accept them?

    Also... Do you happen to have a link for the for bar style lifters?
  8. The block does not have to be reworked necessarily. Standard Ford roller setups have a spider tray that holds the roller lifters straight. The 94'+ 351w blocks do not come with roller lifters, but the block has the two threaded drill holes in the center to hold the tray, and the bores are tall enough. Supposedly you can run up to .550" of lift on a stock non roller block by drilling the holes and mounting the tray without the lifters lifting out of the bores. If you are running .550" lift or less you might as well be running a 302 block in my opinion. Otherwise you can run a set of link bar lifters like these in a 351w block.


  9. Yikes... for the price of those things, might as well find a roller block.
  10. Ya I found a roller block for $100.. cheaper and less of a headache
  11. Talked to the guys at on3 today, kit will not work with the 351 unless I lighten the cross over plumbing. Don't want to n*****rig it so I'm gonna stick to the 302