351w Out Of 1992 F150

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  1. hey guys im looking to get back in the game with another mustang and im looking at a 66. the guys says he took a 351w out of a 1992 f250 and put it in. my question is if the F250 351 is any good. I was thinking if he didnt change the heads and cam the car would be a sled. if it a good block to start with is all else fails? i would swap out head and cam.
  2. check the sticky posted in the 5.0/5.8 engine tech forum
  3. the 351w, regardless of year, is a good starting point for a high performance build. also remember that anytime you add torque to the mix, the results are generally good.
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  4. I bought a 1994 F250 351W block and was cracked in one of the cam bearings. It was a total bummer because I paid $300 for the engine intake to oil pan. I ended up getting a 1979 351W from a Bronco and used Howard's Cams Linked roller lifters.
  5. I have a 94 351W in my 73. Lots more torque and worse gas mileage. I love it. ;)