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  1. Posting this for a friend at work. Have any questions let me know and I will give you his number so you two can talk it over.

    Heads: New Edelbrock Victor Jr. 205 int. 160 exh. CNC chambers, runners have been smoothed out, matched to the gaskets he was using at the time with the following intake listed below. He has $1400 into the heads and I think he wants $900-$1000 for them

    New Super Victor Jr. (1" taller than regular victor jr.?) Single plain, runners hogged out, knife edge, and it's matched to the heads listed above. Both installed but never fired. Just assembled to match and port everything. $200.00?

    He also has a Weiand single plain used but like new. $100.00?

    He has a 351w dizzy Dui with Live Wire spark plug wires. He said the dizzy is basically a chevy with ford guts and was dialed in (curved?) at 22 deg. for the 600 lift cam he had in his 408 stroker that he sold awhile back. $350-$400? Sounds like this motor was built for high RPM.

    He also has a 351w that came out of a 86-87 full size bronco, was running, stock with edle. dual rpm intake with a small cam. $200.00?

  2. where is the motor located? im VERY interested in that!!! what all is included with the motor? is it all stock except the intake?
  3. 351 parts

    Can you give the part # for the heads? Any specs on the heads? Need for my 408 stroker project, could really be interested in the intake and heads for a package deal>
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.