351w Roller Cam Info

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  1. Howdy y'all. I have seen some people asking about 351w and roller cams. I joined to post this for those who were asking and to clear stuff up.

    "What year 351w engines came with a hydraulic roller cam?"

    I see answers all over the place, but I have called around asking this question, and have seemingly verified a solid answer.

    According to multiple ford tech hotline technicians, ASE techs, and Crane Cams themselves, 1994-1997 351w engines came with hydraulic roller cams.

    A 351w block is "roller compatible" if it is stamped "F4TE". If it has these markings, and is newer than 1994, it more than likely has a roller cam. HOWEVER, there seems to be an occasional outlier or so (I am assuming these outliers are due to engines being replaced with older long or short blocks, thus lacking the roller cam). Therefore, it would be wise to pull the distributor or intake and look for either a roller cam compatible distributor gear (end of the dist), or spiders (intake).

    NOTE: The ford lightning 351w came with a flat tappet marine type cam. But I consider that somewhat common knowledge (besides, if your building one, unless you get a steal on a lightning 5.8, I would just go with a hydro roller 5.8 and go from there).

    Feel free to add to this as y'all wish.