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  1. Yeah, just thought i would be the first to respond to your signature and i want you to bring that turbo 4 down to sumerduck, i'll even bring your fellow turbo man tvinson86, (to watch the carnage of course), anyway have you even beat a V-8 car with that toy yet? Get back to me!
  2. considering the fastest vehicle you have is a 04' Tahoe, you can't talk. :rlaugh:
  3. I call you a kid and you said this... :scratch:

    Anyways kid I don't recall putting any numbers down on my SVO which I'm sure its a hair faster than a Tahoe. It would be unfair to you to challange you to a race since I'm sure your car is set up to just do that same boring a$$ "I can only drive straight," type racing. As for that tahoe, my family and I owns over a 100 section ranch so have to have something able to run through some mud and a few rivers. If you want I could send you a few pics of me doing it. I wonder if someone had that kind of land and money to buy a new fully loaded Tahoe if they could buy a really fast boring straight car?
  4. You sir..... are a jackass.

  6. He's just a kid talking crap. its the only way he can get people to talk to him ;) I really would like to see pic of his car and time slips but he would probly use some guys car at the local track :rolleyes:
  7. Ahhhh, the fun is over. belvedere383 is already banned after just 3 posts. :(
  8. Its cool. He will probly just change names and get a B.S email and then round #2 :rolleyes:

    How do you post pics here or the attachment pics to you post?
  9. Wanna let me bring my 2001 Z71 down to have some fun??

    I took her out last summer for the first time in the mountains of Colorado. Wish i could do it more often.

    I was in the green coupe. I ran a maroon GT both times I beat him 3 cars the first time and 5 the second......

    See ya next week.

    Let me know what you'll be in......
  11. :mad: I'm offended "kidd" :) Shame on you Pro-Hawk :banana:
  12. Its fun running for miles off road but we really try not to tear up the road(s) since we have to truck the cows in and out of there. Also my Father-inlaw would kill me or anyone else for messing anything up or even hunting on it, that includes me :rolleyes: If I had my way about it I would set a side a few spots of land just for off roading ;) I got a few pics if you want me to email them of what little off roading I did including one of the rivers I crosses.
  13. Its nothing against kids in general, its the fact that he is acting like some dumb a$$ brat which your not :nice: Sorry to offend anyone.
  14. man i love stangnet in the spring, the flowers are blooming, tracks are opening, trolls get banned within 3 post...............................its a beautiful day.
  15. :lol: Yup
  16. For Red It was probably like the carnival game where you shoot the ducks that pop up.

    Post. Post. Post. (Bang) your banned.
  17. I really didn't know Red was a monitor/owner/etc of stangnet so when I saw he got to post something on that guys thread and I couldn't I was a bit up set :bang: Now I know who is in charge and who not to tick off :flag:
  18. yeah you freak :rolleyes: it did beat the maroon car by 3 cars the first time and 5 cars the 2nd time .if you happen to know that would be my car :D
  19. Both my cars are slow but I'll race ya girl ;)
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