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  1. ok;)
  2. When and where :)

    Speaking of racing I think I will take my 93' LX to the track just for the hell of it. It probly runs 19.9 in the 1/8 miles :rolleyes:
  3. tomorrow at sumer duck :)
  4. Owning your own car is so cool.
  5. I know people will think I'm running from a race here...but I need atleast two days to get to Sumer Duck :rolleyes: I know it broke your heart that I'm unable to get there but I hope you can some how forgive me :(

  6. My 93 LX with Dual Flows 13 in 1/8 SUCKS!!!!!! what was your actual?
  7. I never ran my cars at a track before, I've always been a street racer :D Its pretty much a stock 2.3L DP DIS with: a CAI, a cheap exhaust system, and a slightly wore out A4LD. Here lately I been hanging out at our track and I'm starting to feel a need to put something on it even if that something is real slow ;) If I do run it I will try and post the results :rolleyes:
  8. I only did mine to get a base time so when I do the swap I can see this is How much I have improved the car. I plan to do this for every mod I do after the swap and gives me an excuse to race.
  9. ok i forgive you just don't let it happen again;)
  10. This is a very good thing to do if you ask me ;) That way you can see if that mod is helping or hurting your et's.
  11. Thanks babe your the best :nice:
  12. Hey Matt, if your not doing anything saturday, there's gonna be a big cruise in at the Burger King in Orange this Saturday from 6 pm-10. 120+ cars. I'll be there with the SRT, Tyler will be there with his Turbo 'Vert, and even 65' Plymouth (Belvedere383) will be there with his '65 Belvedere, if you actually want to meet him, LOL. :D It's probably a bit of a drive for you guys though... :shrug:
  13. thanks i know i am the best :)
    your awesome;)
  14. hey notched86 i can't make it to the crusie in. i'm stuck up here in loudon with my relatives
  15. hmm I think we have a connection between Pro_hawk and mustanggrn.. :rolleyes: The love boat...... :banana:
  16. sshh don't tell her that ;)
  17. Shes flirting with another guy again?
  18. [​IMG] I think ..... [​IMG]
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