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Discussion in '1979 - 1995 (Fox, SN95.0, & 2.3L) -General/Talk-' started by belvedere383, May 6, 2004.

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  1. jerk :bs: :stick:
    i am a faliure :bang: :nonono:

  2. be happy with your hanging-chad victory on page 15!
  3. oh wow a whole page 15 :bang:
  4. I've just been informed the red SRT-4 now has 2 inch lowering springs, short throw shifter, and a BOV...he's ready to stomp your ass. :rlaugh: And belvedere boy got a pair of drag radials that he'll have on by thursday.

    I saw a silver one up at carlisle today. 443 whp with T3/T04 turbo w/ 23 PSI and huge front mount. Ran 11.7 @ 118 :eek:

    Those damn neons. :rlaugh:
  5. I haven't completely decided to take it thursday. I'm changing the clutch tuesday so I don't want to push it.....again. :p plus...I still might spray it for the first time tonight. :D Running the car that much in a row has caused me to get a little drained. Tell him to run it and keep messing with it. I'm sure i'll break the 8's with tires, however it sounded like his rear was coming unlocked. The car was spinning the tires hard but it stayed dead straight. tell the boy in the neon I'll be glad to run him again but not for a little while. I'll let him get more experience first.
    Once he's running faster than my 8.9 we'll do it again and I'll spray it. :rlaugh: it will at least confuse him. OR...he'll want to fight me.
  6. :rolleyes:
  7. If i had 964$ for everytime a girl rolled her eyes at me...
  8. yeah just in this forum..just in the last month you'd be set.
  9. i would be rich every time i have been told to got hell and ect. :owned:
    oh here ya go matt :rolleyes:
  10. Hold that thought, let me go get my violin :rolleyes:
  11. Saw spiderman today, for the second time...its much better when you have someone to spoil it for :)
  12. I've barely even seen the first one.
  13. I love the violinist in there that is doing the old song.
  14. Thats pretty good, the best part is the boss of the daily bugle recieving the message " Sir , your wife is on line 2, she said she's lost the check book" ...."thanks for the good news"

    Ps: Random thought of the night ..have you told that special someone that you Love them, today? If not you'll lose your spider powers
  15. When I get the dvd I am going to make that remark from Jameson a wma file and place it on my laptop.

    Did anyone else besides me see that perfect setup for a Spiderman 3 with the Hobb Gobblin?

    For those who dont know the Green Goblin and the Hobb Gobblin are father and son.
  16. ya, i thought it was a pretty easy spidy3 setup...i thought s2 was as good as s1...which is unusual. I was only disapointed becuase the girl nextdoor got looked over...stupid MJ!!!!!
  17. LOL well there will be a wedding later on.
  18. DANG, i just finished a killer jog home from church tonight, 9 miles, averaging 9mph all the way home (up hill mind you!) , dang im tierd, on a brighter note , it was a beatiful peaceful night, only the sound of rusting chevys pierced the 80 Degree night air
  19. 80 degree night??? it must have been 0% humidity....
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