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  1. SNIPED :D

    (Page 17 that is)
  3. yup! not humid at all...its a dry dessert heat :nice:
  4. It was Africa Hot here in Ly today and then it stormed like a beetch, windy spirals and things like that.
  5. Did you go outside and catch rain on your tongue? if not im gonna hafta post a negative feed back !
  6. Rain??? I save that for snow. Ironicly if the tounge piercing I have gets too cold in the winter it dont stick to my tongue, hmmmmmmm.
  7. So....Whats the difference between toast and toilet paper?

    Toast is brown on both sides !
  8. I usualy look at it this way...atleast I will never get lost with people telling me where to go :p Ok bad joke maybe but keep a stiff upper lip...never mind where Americans...Hang Tough :nice:

  9. :shrug: What happened there? :banana:
  10. Rear gasious leak. Have you tried Jb Weld.? It says it righ ton the box "Don't crap it, Jb it"
  11. LOL that is a leak I dont want to get REAR (Near) lol
  12. Its got a big oil leak for one :( I think its just the valve cover but want know until tomorrow. It also could be the oil regulator on top of that :eek: Then the high pressure fuel line is leaking at the horse shoe connector. I used a new connector clip(s). Does anyone know if its got a O-Ring that pops in there first before you clip it together? That maybe the problem or me trying to pull/shove on that line installing it.
  13. The cover is leaking from the gasket or the top? I know Matt has a leaking Valve Cover also and his is from the regulator poping out.
  14. that pesky little dipstick came out a bunch too.
    I'm adding a another check valve in the pcv system.

    By the way... I looked at the clutch going back in the car and its different yet from the first 2 different ones. :shrug: hopefully its as good as the first.
  15. WHAT???? Are you testing products for us now, I expect a full write up on the different clutches and their duration in the morning.
  16. yeah thats about it the last one made it abou tone morning:p
    I'm working on the info I found out something horrible today and it applies to several clutch companies not just cumberland(autozone). In the clutch kits they sell, they throw in any clutch disc with the correct spine count.:nonono: Not cool no wonder it slipped.

    I'll have pics and very good part numbers for anyone interested as I finish the clutch swap again.
  17. Well when you get a clutch that holds to your abuse and works good, then send that info to me so I can get it for my swap.
  18. I've gotten the same exact part number clutch with 3 different clutch disc style and numbers. So its the luck of the draw. The latest is the same design and dimension as the first except this one has a double wound spring. If this one doesn't work I'm getting a spec clutch.
  19. HMMMMMMM looks like an AZ curse man. I would stay away from those products well except from when you sell them to NON Mustang Owners. From the sound of it I am going to go Spec also
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