351Wcoupe: like my signature?

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  1. Why you Ford lover you :fuss: :rlaugh: You said this thread is to talk about you :D
  2. yeah.
    Hey why does your sig say svo.........top secret?
    If I had a car with brakes that good, and handled that good, I would assume you want keep it a top secret because it doesn't have a 302 in it?
    I wish I had an svo.

    Attention innocent bystanders....This will turn into a friendly flamefest..

    Sorry Poorhawk I don't know you good enough to have much to pick at. Give it time though. :nice:
  3. Its refering to the speed being top secret ;)

    Man I bet you spend a fortune on parking for you Sig :crazy:
  4. Just when you thought Stangnet was a place were fellow mustang enthusiasts share their wealth of knowledge, a thread like this emerges from the depths of hell.

    Stangnet is the Awsome
  5. Yeah thats what I'm talking about.

    Nahhh. I have a front end loader. I just stack the cars on top of each other. They're only taking up 4 parking places but the meter-maid always looks at me funny everytime I put another quarter in. :nice:
  6. 351 will have a personal carosel with all of those cars just toss a pole in the middle of each slap them onto a rotating disc and we all can go for a joy ride.

    Top Secret on the speed.............Now you know why I have deemed you Slow-Hawk lol :nice: When are you going to get it out to the track and get some slips?

    I have to put thing on hold till Aug because of my vacation to Virginia beach next month. I need to party. :flag:
  7. I got the lower intake on just now :nice: All I have to do in drop the head on and start screwing it on :D I just need to double check these TTY bolts :rolleyes:
  8. If you're headed to VA beach you might as well head north another 4 hours. I'll send you home with a nice parting gift. I have a 93 Grand am I cant see you in and you can have it.
  9. lol I have a 98 GA GT already that is a problem child. I don't like GM vehicles (this one came with the GF) 4 hrs north? Dang I want some beach time lol.
  10. Nows your chance to have 2 :D

    You know how you can fix that... :rlaugh:

    by the way we're coming up on page 4....then I'll let it die. :rolleyes:

  11. :lol: Thats what he thinks ;)
  12. hey you guys should join horsepowerjunkies.com. they have a section just for fights.

    I belive it's called $hit Talking
  13. hey nobody is trying to fight.

    I hate you all you big peice of *********

    sorry....sorry I love you guys.........and girls :D
  14. I asked the Boss and she said What the [email protected] are you going to do with another car..... LOL so I said I will ask what is wrong with it LOL
  15. I love a good $hit talking....makes things interesting. :nice:
    I got a Dodge Neon to replace my GT when it got totalled. Surprised I don't get flamed more often for that. :shrug:
    Inspeaking of $hit talking....
    I raced Tvinson's Turbo Convertible today with the SRT. I hate to say it, but it was ugly. The Mustang got a severe ass whoopin' by the bone stock Neon. :D
    Part of the reason though is he is only boosting 8 PSI...and his intercooler is getting almost no air with that goofy hood he has. He knows where the wastegate is, but he wanted to know how you adjust it.

    And hey, 351w, you still going to Carlisle? I dunno about friday, but I'll deffinately be up there sat. and sunday. Kool Aid and Tvinson are comming with me. :nice:
  16. Watch out 351w it could be a gang bang in Charlisle and you would probly be the pivot man :eek: Sorry just had to :bs: with you 4 :D
  17. Neon's are the largest let down that I have ever seen man, I have to fix my mothers all of the time. Granted she destroys cars but every time I turn around that thing has something wrong with it.
  18. No doubt, the regular neons (especially the older ones) are crap. But the SRT-4 is a different beast altogether. The SRT has totally different suspension, engine, trans, ect.
  19. I'm sure that would happen. It would probably still happen if it were running right. However, I'll see if I can turn that story around before too long. :D

    Yeah I seen a ton of neons with problems but the SRT4 seems to be a little different car. Its like comparing an 84 Svo to an 86 carb2.3. Very basically the same but the carbed 2.3 I had problems with.
  20. I am going to buy that new Magnum. Damn that is awesome I want the v-6
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