351Wcoupe: like my signature?

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  1. That magnum is sweet. The 5.7 hemi V8 in those has "displacement on demand" and it actually runs on 4 cylinders when your crusing on the highway. Interesting concept.
  2. I didnt know about that maybe I will check out the Hemi then. We are looking at maybe the beginning of the year to buy one. I have not drove it yet but I was in one at the dealer and all I can say is WOW. 140 on the speedo and only comes in auto. I will be looking at a payment of 350 a month
  3. 350 is about what I pay for the SRT-4 each month.
  4. This is the only station wagon that I will drive. reminds me of the nomad
  5. hey how could you know about that in advance from texas???
  6. me :)
  7. do you love me :D
  8. umm...
  9. ok
  10. Can you feel the love, tonight.
  11. :mad: :bang:
  12. :scratch:
  13. yeah I have no idea. Thats just what happens when she's off for summer break and has too much time.
  15. I really don't know whats wrong with her either :scratch: what could it be :shrug:
  16. I dunno, girls are weird. And they have cooties.
  17. Uh OH will they rub off on my car? I dont need any more problems with the other engine not finished yet.
  18. nothings wrong with me i do not have cooties and i am not weird but to 351wcoupe who says i am weird and crazy..... :bs:
    but i try to be nice :rolleyes:
  19. I guess its the effort that counts
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