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  1. 100th POST!
    This is easily one of the greatest threads ever to grace 2.3 Talk.

    I'm starting an Official 351wcoupe Fan Club. Who wants to join?
  2. I don't know that it counts since I was the one keeping it alive. That was cool though 100th post and on top of page 5.

    Do you think we can get enough people to take over the stinger fan club?
  3. Well first you will have to find a dark lord to rival their president. I think a Vampire may come close to take him.
  4. Well as always the Anti-club club is ever growing in strength, let us join forces and kill this thread.
  5. Any one got some silver bullets?
  6. This thread can't be killed.........(im sorry Red)
  7. I was in WalMart last nite for an hour and a half.
  8. I have 2 TVs on while I'm playing on the computer.
  9. I am truly astounded by the longevity of this thread, everyday something new. It seems to have taken on a life of its own, like some great multi-headed hydra.

    But since you speak of killing it, if I recall my mythology correctly, you must sever all of the hydra's heads to kill it.

    And I don't think that's going to be good for anybody.

    Anyway, maybe you could have a first page reunion soon.
  10. Southern California Weather report : Sunny skies, warm weather , gentle breeze

    Rest of the worlds weather report : BITES!
  11. Dude I was riding my Morotcycle into work tonight and this duck flew right into this truck's wind shield, it bounced off and hit the ground right in front of a Camry "riced out" with a wide mouth air damn and the thing went through the wire mesh he had on it and F$#%ed up his FMIC. I had to stop and see that, I wish I had a camera.
  12. I'm about to cry.......Was it Dark Wing Duck?
  13. He was even in the suit.
  14. 4 cups rice
    1 darkwing duck

  15. I think I should also mention I have several 2.3 turbo cars.(that will keep this going a while)
  16. LOL I think a fart will keep the wind in the sails of this thread for a long time. Spraking of pulling things from my rear. I have conned someone out of some nice 4 lug American Racing Wheels for $150 upon my return from Virginia. Now I have to find a car that had 4 wheel 4 lug disc. Do they make one of those?
  17. 4 lug 4 wheel disc.
    Yeah stay away from all of my turbocoupes
  18. This is going to be the fall project I think to turn the rear to 4 lug disc
  19. cool start saving/looking for ebrake cables.
  20. I heard that they are a pain and I have to get a new master cyl also. I am planning to head to the J/Y find me a good donor car and pull the rear brakes or whole axel off.
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