351wcoupe Track Pics

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  1. Where do I fit in?
  2. Hey don't look now. She's cheating on me with elvis.
  3. I have some video that I would love to post too But I dont have a way to host it.
  4. This is where someone chimes in with "sure, I'll host it." :shrug:
  5. HMMMM I would love for someone to make a avatar from one of the video's like Stingers from TF. If you have not seen that you must look for it.
  6. I'm sorry there's nothing any of my 2.3s will ever do that will add up to that. Its just plain scary looking. Not to mention the car on his avator rolls horribly to the pass side but seems to go really straight. Not sure which is crazier.
  7. Ive been looking - cant find it ... Ill keep looking!!!!
  8. turboford.org and go to tech, stinger usually has his thread toward the top.
  9. I see it on the avatar, that is nutz! Is there an actual video or is that it?
  10. he said he has the whole video
  11. [​IMG]

    There is a trace of smoke in this picture.

  12. somewhere towards the end of the night we got the tires smokin pretty good just for fun. For some reason those tires never really smoked at all. The black-car would but I had to be 3rd or higher. Time for new tires and I'll be sure to post a pic of the car dissappearing in smoke.

    I must have been on it fairly hard because the pass. side was spinning too.

    By the way...I LIKE THE SIG!!
  13. I forgot to mention...Somebody came into autzone and asked about the car.
    "Is that a 4cyl?"
    "Is is turbo?"
    "hehe yeah"
    "Do you get on stangnet?"
    "sure do"
    "I saw it on there and I hear it runs pretty good."
    "hehe nope wrong car."
  14. LOL well if her was Lurking on stangnet why didn he post? I am calling him out man. LOL
  15. thats a a good question maybe he didn't know it at the time. Then he came back and somehow got lost in the black hole that is a 16 page thread :D
  16. LOL that plate looks awesome!
  17. THANK YOU!! somebody gets it. I had a fellow mustang track goer folllow me around for about 20 minutes today. Eventually I pulle into the gas station and ask what he was up to. He said he was following me around to figure what the tags mean.

    So for tomorrow's agenda I'll probably be putting my "2.3" emblems on the fenders.
  18. hey kiddiccarus did you get any engine pics. Thats the one thing I haven't done yet.
  19. 351, i didnt want to be the one too break the Emperors new clothes news, but your missing a headligh!
  20. Yes I do, They may not be the greatest but I have some. At Home of course