351wcoupe Track Pics

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  1. it was extra weight
  2. I am going to change out my front fenders and hood to fiberglass to dump weight.
  3. just leave them off :p
  4. i took off my turbines and im running a few junkyard spare wiene tires, i musta shaved 25 pounds A PIECE on those!
  5. Send me your e-mail addy and I will send you some of the pics. [email protected]

    My attachemts are filling up fast on here lol I need to dump the snake pictures.
  6. post em!
  7. oh don't have them yet....I just sent him my email address... I love the eagerness though.

    Edit: I just thought about it. You've seen, been in and around the car for a month now and yet you really want to see some pics....*ego getting bigger* takes deep cleansing breathe and return to my chair. :p
  8. I am sending the origional so keep checking the e-mail. They are about 800k each I didnt want to alter them. This may take some time to do from the house. There are 17 in all

    Edit::::: 8 of 17 are sent I will send the others tomorrow Dialup is slow at home. Dual T1 here at work but they hate me bringing in software through security at the airport
  9. 800k each. :eek: Hope matt knows how to downsize pics. :p
  10. I hope he has a large e-mail account
  11. childs play! :banana:
  12. He can fix a car but dont trust him with your pictures man, he is a hack LOL
  13. nope I'll just send them to you. They are VERY clear.
  14. Your right they are clear, My camera is the $hit.
  15. :shrug:

    actually yeah you'd think as much time as I spend on the computer I would know how to use it better. Not too good with that type of thing. I like the pics though.
  16. I wish I got a pic of the Pinto with its hood up, if you see it again get me engine pics. I have a woody for a pinto now.
  17. that thing was cool. All I saw was a hybrid, some kind of front mount and and rotated upper. As I was heading for his car, he saw me and he shut the hood.:p
  18. LOL he said that it is all shop done, his daddy got it made for him. He has a 120 rotated upper knife edged lower, he said the turbo is smaller than the t-3 LOL it is a hybrid, he has a nice FmIC and a cool CAI too. He will give you a run for the money without you running the NOS though.
  19. Actually me on a good night would barely equal what he was running. I'm not sounding too cocky but after watching him drive and seeing how the car acted I honestly believe I could take his car 8.4 or quicker. The car looked like it hooked because he bogged really bad. Slow reaction and about a 2.2 60ft I would have gotten a very good lead off. He still managed to bust off several high 8 sec runs. :nonono: I better get back to working on my pinto.