351wcoupe Track Pics

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  1. That car has potential, I watched the video again today and man if he had slick, more boost, and spray I dont know many that would touch him. I loved the overall car it is very clean, great stereo and the motor is extremely professional.
  2. I didn't look it over much, but with what you mentioned I could see it running very solid 7's with great mileage and driveability. I'll try to get notched86 and his buddies to get more info out of him tomorrow.
  3. And motor pics.
  4. I have yet to see this guy with the pinto...does he live around here?
  5. ok that too
  6. not sure. It was red pinto hatch and I think he drove it there.
  7. He did drive there. He looks maybe 20 at best. Skinny brown clean cut hair, JL audio in the back seat and Corbero seats.
  8. I hope to run him soon.
  9. I've spent some time working on a head, intakes, and I'm taking an E6 manifold to within an inch of its life.
  10. E-6 man dump that thing and throw a log on.
  11. Cool, I'll look out for him tomorrow.
  12. its possible and depending on how different the Downpipe would have to be I would really want to run stinger's header and ditch the tight outlet elbow for a "true 3"". Get this thing flowing enough I can spin a gutted Holset. Of course then I'll be ditching the volvo too.
  13. If that happens I have dibs on that Volvo
  14. I was actually thinking about buying an intercooler core and just making my own end tanks and I definately want to try the big NPR.

    Hey notched send me your email address and I'll send you these pics if you would kindly reduce them for me please
  15. LOL reduced. I keep copies of the orig's so I can crop and mutilate them as needed.

    I want to go Large NPR but would take a volvo for a second choice. Drew on TF has a Large NPR if he hasnt sold it yet and a PE computer.
  16. please send them reduced too. my mailbox is only at 11%.
  17. You want both reduced and origionals ?
  18. yeah both please.

    I'll send em to notched too
  19. LOL why dont I send them to both of you