35th Anniv 35th aniversary items

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by ZakeriD, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. what would you pay for the promo items that came with the 35th (ie. keychain, cd case, die cast car...)??? I just got one NIB that matches my car.
  2. That was you that bid on that one with the silver convertible on ebay? I bid on that too!
  3. that was me... I had lost an auction on just the die cast car about 6 mos ago and didn't want to let this pass. I think it ended about where it should have... a little high but that's ebay.
  4. Those gift packs are getting rarer everyday. Probably more rare than the "Limited" itself. I have two. Both sent by Ford. Once was incorrect(vert instead of coupe) I used the goodies in one and saved the other. Its also NIB(sorry, not for sale).
    I can see them going for at least $75.00 now....how much did you pay?
  5. Found out something interesting, i looked on ebay for more of those gift sets today and saw a guy who was selling one with the Red coupe just like mine, and lived a few miles away. Found out he was the previous owner of my car before I bought it 5 years ago.
  6. Nice find! Did he give it to you or did you have to buy it?
  7. No i didn't get it, I was just looking around for the gift sets to see what prices they were selling at. It would be nice though if he gave it to me! :D
  8. 160 + shipping...
  9. WOW!! I'm surprised......but not really.
  10. When I bought mine, all the pieces of the owner's package were loose in a cardboard box in the trunk of the car. I bought a couple of NIB packages on ebay ($65 and $95 incl shipping) before I figured out that there were two different packages, one for all '99 owners that didn't come with a car and one for Limited Edition owners that included a car. I got a NIB package with a red coupe last year for $126 (incl shipping).

    There's a kit with a red coupe on ebay right now with a starting bid pf $99.99 and a kit with no car at $1.99.
  11. well it was a matching silver convertible and I wanted it... that's what ebay is all about :)
  12. Yea the guy with the 99.99 starting bid kit is the previous owner of my car.
  13. I just bought an anniversary kit with everything in it, minus the red coupe car which I already have, for $13.49. I bought the car a few years ago for about $25, so I got my kit for about $39!!
  14. Here's one of "Catzilla" towering over my matching model. LoL

  15. Thats one big ****. :p
  16. Id bite on a kit with a red coupe, let me know the $$
    I don't really trust the e-bay deal, I've seen people get screwed on there pretty good.