35th Anniv 35th Anniversary LE Question

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by #1922, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. I was just curious about something and hoping someone can help me out. Was the 35th Anniversary "Limited Edition" Mustang planned as a limited run? I know that the LE is basically the same as a regular GT with the exeption several cosmetic differences. Did Ford just happen to make 4628 of these models or like the Bullitt, it was decided before production. Just curious if anyone knew. I'm the second owner of mine and I am very pleased with it. Thanks!!
  2. yes, they only intended to produce a limited amount of the anniversary edition. i have the actual Ford brochure specifically for the 35th.:nice:
  3. Special Option code 54Y($2600 extra)
  4. How do you find out your production number if you have a 35th anniversary?
  5. www.Mustang35th.com is the official registry for the 35th anniversary Limited Edition Mustangs. The guy who runs the site has a list of VIN numbers that shows what production number you are as well. I'm #3755.
  6. 1055 here, I love our cars. People always ask what's up with my car and where I got the hood graphics and honeycomb rear, the interior also gets alot of comments.

    And close to 5 import guys have assumed that my car is a Mach 1, I guess the chin spoiler and hood stripe...or mabye its the 75 shot :)