35th Anniv 35th Anniversary Mustang Goodies

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  1. Hello!

    I was just wondering how many of the 35th anniversary Mustang owners (either bought second hand, or new) received the package that came with the 35th anniversary mustangs?
    I think it includes:
    -leather key ring
    -leather CD case
    -Mustang 35th anniversary sticker
    -3-CD "Reborn to Run" set
    -Various papers describing the number of the vehicle and other production numbers
    -A list of Mustang clubs
    -I think some may have gotten a leather jacket??
    -1:18 Die-cast replica of the vehicle
    -Mustang history book

    If I forgot anything, please let me know.

    Purchasing my 35th anniversary mustang second hand, I didn't recieve any of those things, however by a stroke of luck, I was able to purchase the kit (second hand) that contained the Mustang history book, the leather CD case, the key ring, and the sticker on ebay, and I was able to find the CD set on Amazon.com
    Maybe I went a little overkill by getting the kit and all, but hey! Its gonna be a piece of history someday!!
  2. I'm the 3rd owner on mine so I got didley. I'm trying to find some of it now....
  3. I bought mine new, so I got one....well two actually.:eek: They sent me one with a vert' of a Performance Red GT and I have the coupe. I called and told them of the error and they sent me another. :nice:

    One I used and the other is still new in box.....sorry, not for sale.

    I eventually bought a silver/black/white coupe diecast of each color from the Ford collection.

  4. Did the 45th come with anything special? 'Cause if it did...I didn't get it.
  5. by then, I don't think Ford was giving much away. I never heard of a 45th gift set.
  6. If you're searching for stuff to complete your collection for your 35th anniversary merch, I recommend ebay for starters. I do not have the die cast of my vehicle, and I'd really like to get it. I put out a "want it now" on ebay, I recommend you do the same.
    The CD set can be found on Amazon, or there was a collection on e-bay that I saw the other day
  7. Every purchaser of a new 1999 Mustang got a gift set.... everybody got the book, key fob, CDs/case, and sticker. LE purchasers got a die-cast model of their specific car as well. When I bought my car (I'm the second owner) all the stuff was in a plain cardboard box in the trunk (but at least I got it.) Since then, I've picked up a full set with a red coupe, and two non-LE sets (no models.) I keep hoping that some day they'll be worth someting on eBay (wishful hoping, I think . . . )
  8. Did anyone receive a jacket??
  9. I think that was Canada sales only. I did however buy a 35th Anniversary jacket at the show in 1999(before I bought the GT) in Charlotte NC. It was very cold at the show. Its red/white/blue and has a huge 35th logo on the back. Its kinda gaudy now, but I plan on keeping it.

  10. I'm pissed. E-bay just had a 35th anniversary model and I got out bid on it. :(
  11. The jacket that came with 35th LE's here was an awesome leather one. Not the racing type available at cars show and such.

  12. Yep. I knew that.
  13. Damn... If it was only a black coupe instead of the convertible....
    Good find though!!

  14. If I needed it I would buy it anyway even with the wrong car. They are easier to find than the box items.

  15. I have been looking for a diecast model for three years. Saw a ton of 35th goodie boxs but never one with a black vert included. So, yes I was the lucky winner of this 35th goodie box.
  16. :nice:

  17. I think I paid well over $50 for my diecast red coupe. It was not cheap, but I guess they're not making any more of them.

    I was bored earlier and found the old site, but at a different address than I visited it at... Mustang35th : Home Page .
  18. Its too bad this site is no longer up to date... It was the first mustang 35th site I found when I bought my car and I tried to send in all my info to get it into the registry that they had started. Still holds a wealth of info tho... Its a shame the Mod isn't around it any longer.

  19. Yep, its been a long time since it went inactive....I never really knew what happened. Long live StangNet and the 35th forums.