35th Anniv 35th Anniversary Mustang Goodies

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  1. lol I figured something was up, or should I say down, with the site.
    I`m just happy to have found :SNSign:!!:D
  2. I have a crystal white convertible with white top and automatic transmission. Have been looking for the diecast that came in the kit to no avail.
  3. I have a good friend that works at a dealership, he went through all the diecasts he has collected over the years and had a matching diecast for my car. So at least I have that now.
  4. Any chance he has a Performance Red convertible? :flag:
  5. Next Time I talk to him I will ask.

  6. Great thanks! :hail2:
  7. I just happened to goole this and found this thread.

    Doing some spring cleaning and I just found the box.
    I have everything but the key chain.
    The die cast model is the coupe.

  8. What color is it?
  9. What's a regular boxed set w/o car worth?
  10. Found a white coupe model on ebay.
    Item #290608541116
  11. 20 hrs left on auction. $29. no bids yet.
  12. The leather coat was not part of the anniversary package. Cobra owners were each given a nice leather coat with a cobra emblem on the outside. On the inside there was a sewn in leather patch with your cars serial number. Very cool. This was part of Fords response to the power recall on the 1999 Cobras.
  13. Instead of the regular black faced instriment panel , isn't this one fake brushed aluminum???
  14. yes, the "Limited Edition" GT has a silver instrument panel insert instead of the black one.

  15. I didn't get any of the goodies, but I'm the third owner. :(
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  16. Same here on the third owner bit. Didn't stop me from snatching up a goodie box on auction, though. I'm only missing the black coupe diecast model now...
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  17. I have a complete Black Coupe Box set. Only opened to display at shows. Sold the car several years ago and kept the set. If you are seriously interested, you can make me an offer [email protected] Thanks, Kent
  18. I have the KeyChain and DieCast.