35th Anniv 35th "body buck" tag... Did YOU know??

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by VOORHEES, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. A little something a few of you may not know, but on the 1999 "Limited" there is a "body buck" tag behind your driver's side headlight attached to the radiator core support that states "35TH". It was discussed at mustang35th.com a while back, but thought some may not know. It just another neat feature on the "Limited" that was discovered.
  2. Found mine on my silver vert.Neat huh? Whatever happend to 35th.com.Tried to get my build # several times over three months back in oct. and never received a reply.Do you know any other way to obtain our build#? :shrug:
  3. Try resubmitting it. David was a little swamped back then and has gotten the site straightened out again.
  4. Ok, But the site has not been updated since feb? :shrug:

  5. I've talked to him and had been busy. And he was having a hard time about what to update the site with. Maybe he'll do it soon.
  6. i could not find my buck tag at all.. lol. mines number 62.. so its a real one.. maybe they didnt have it on the earlier ones???