35th Anniv 35th Gathering - Summer 2010

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  1. Is anyone game for trying to do a 35th Anniversary Meet this Spring or Summer? -- Back in 2002 we did one at the Carlisle All Ford. We can kick around some different locations. -- Respond with a location suggestion/preference and we can see if we get any takers.

    My suggestion would be either: Somewhere in Ohio, Pennsylvania or Michigan.

    For the record my Silver GT 35th Conv. just turned 3,000 mi. I was bringing my 4th Son home from the Hospital. (Born 2/2) As you can tell from the mileage my Mustang pretty much only comes out on special occasions and the like. I wanted each of my boys to be able to say that their 1st car ride was in my GT 35th.
  2. Sounds like a great idea, however I know I would not be able to attend. :(

    I went to the one that was in Pigeon Forge, TN back when.

    I hope you get a great turnout!

  3. Wow!! just 3000 miles? that thing hasnt even had its 1st oil change :eek:! i thought mine was low :( i have 70k on it, but enjoy the hec out of it.
    I would like to attend one of these but either of those locations would be a Hec of a drive for me!
  4. Wow, that's really neat! :flag:

    And I'd love to go to a meet, but there is no way I could travel that far (this summer at least). A great idea though.
  5. I certainly wouldn't be able to travel with my car either, (vacation time is extremely tight) but I make sure to get to the Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup on Father's Day weekend every year here in Colorado. There are usually a few 35th's and one year we had enough cars to have our own personal class.

    If anyone wants information, it's at Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup.
  6. Man I miss going to RMMR. I haven't been since my Daughter was born 9 yrs ago. I hopefully will make it back over there next year, since she has a dance competition that weekend this year.
  7. Hey Tommy! My name is Will, from the Springs, dont know if you remember me? i have a white 35th we met at the Grocery warehouse hang out years ago!!! Lisa introduced us. I remember you got me my limited edition badge. You still have that beautiful Black 35th?
    I didnt know RMMR had a class for the 35ths? I havent gone in the last 2 years but if so ill put mine in this year!
  8. Hey Will!!! Of course I remember you...how's your car doing? I still have my car...I'll be updating new pics sometime this weekend. After some thieves got the stereo it's had a bunch of upgrades. I might get a racetune soon to take it over 600 rwhp.

    They only had the 35th class one year, specifically because we anticipated getting a large gethering from around the country.
  9. Nice to here from you Tommy! Yea i still have mine! my wife is claiming it as her daily driver now :rolleyes: i retired it from the Drag strip, had it running pretty consistent for a while with 100 shot of nitrous low 12s ran awesome, till this day i have never had to take apart that engine.
    I bought an 01 Roush of one of the guys from Colorado stangs, it has sucked the life out of me!!!! car was nothing but problems for me for the first 2 years! ive just about replaced everything on it? iam actually in need of tranny now! Heres a pic. the day i blew the engine :mad:

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