35th Anniv 35th Gift box and Performance Red Model

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Red9935thGT, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, i got rid of my 35th the other day since i barely used it, but still have alot of the stock parts and this gift box that Ford sent to you with all those goodies in it (like a keychain, CDs, CD case, etc..) with a Peformance Red model. How much do you think those things are worth? I was thinking of throwing it on ebay but thought id see if anyone would want that stuff on here. I know they are pretty hard to come by and alot of 35th guys are looking for the.
  2. I've seen them go for $150. Hate to see you sold the GT. I'm sure someone here will want the gift set.

    I have two.

  3. Yea I was sad to see it go too, but don't need 2 mustangs. It was sold to a good kid who will take good care of it, he's local and is putting it away for the winter now.
  4. Ooooh really? :D

    I just bought this package on ebay for $25 but it looks like all '99s got some sort of box set....this doesn't have the car itself.

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    Anyone know if the converibles actually got a convertible model or were the models all hard tops?
  5. Yes, they came with convertibles. I bought a set on ebay that came with a black convertible to match my 35th. It took almost three years to find it.

  6. Yes, I actually got a Perf Red Vert first, Called and Ford sent a correct coupe gift set...thats how I have two.

  7. Hmm....so Jason, basically you're saying that you don't need the convertible one right? :shrug:


  8. LOL....well um um um....yes. I only have the one vert.

    Sorry Dude.

  9. I completely understand.
  10. You oughta give the owner's kit to the "good kid" so that he can continue the legacy . . . .

    What did you get for your car? How many miles are on it?

    I only put 500 miles on mine this year (34K now) and I'm thinkin' about selling too . . .
  11. I sold it for $8K with 104K miles on it. I had quite a bit of stuff done to it though too.
  12. Well i'm going to throw this on ebay later in the week, so if anyone wants this they can take it all for $100. Everything in the packet is unopened and the diecast model is a performance red coupe.
  13. Do you still have the giftbox/diecast for sale?
  14. Yeah i've got both.