35th Anniv 35th Hood Insulator

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  1. Dumb question. What is embossed on the 35th hood insulator? Was looking to replace mine. directfordparts.com has two listed. One for the base gt and one for the 35th. I want to know if the one in my car has already been replaced. The logo on mine is just the Mustang.

  2. Mine just has the running Mustang
  3. Mine doesn't have anything. . . I think it's original.
  4. As far as I know its the same for every mustang. Could they elaborate on the difference?

  5. I would have to call. They don't list part numbers, but according to the web site the one listed for the 35th is $40 more then the base bt. Here is the copy of the drop down for the web site.

    Hood and components
    35th anniversary
    Base gt
    Cobra svt
    Mach 1"
  6. If you still need a hood liner I make them out of aircraft firewall material that outperform stock liners.

    For a lot more info take a look at my ad RIGHT HERE in the StangNet Classifieds.

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