35th Anniv 35th Parts?

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  1. Anyone have any leads on dealerships etc with 35th anniverary unique parts in stock (NOS): drivers seat cover, interior door panels, blackout hood stripe. Found a 35th vert in Performance Red with Car Max..in "great condition" so they claimed...spent $150 to have it shipped to my local car max store only to find its a POS..must be repainted - not a body panel without scratches or chips and interior trashed.

    I have friends who can paint so the exterior chips and scratches can be dealt with for a reasonable cost...but drivers seat and interior door panels abused and need replacing.


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  2. Every once in a while you'll see interior parts on ebay.......

    I picked a hood decal last year for $20. Right now there's a set of wheels and a set of whell centers.
  3. Just don't buy it. I wouldn't want to go through the hassle of putting back together an abused car, unless I could get it for DIRT cheap. (like $4-5,000). Chances are more problems would come up after you get it back to excellent condition, like something would go wrong with the engine. I'd go after CarMax for my $150 too because of their false advertisement. If they told you the car was in perfect conditon and it wasn't even close, you at least deserve your money back. You will find other 35ths floating around every few weeks or so. Ebay usually has some good ones on there. I saw one a couple months ago on there that had only a thousand miles on it or so and the guy was asking something like 18K for it.
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  5. Sounds like a tough one, most parts you find online are take-offs from a wrecked "Limited" GT. Expect to pay a premium for them too. I'm not sure if Ford can still order the interior leathers or not. You may have to go to a custom upholstery shop.

    Good Luck


    p.s. if you give me you VIN# I can tell you what # your car id of the total 4,628 made. Shoot me a PM.
  6. Jason

    I came across this forum the other day. I bought a 99 Black vert LE last October.
    I live in Michigan so I have not had a lot of time to enjoy it yet. The car needs a little TLC. It has found a good home. My only concern is the mileage. It has 105,000. I had the engine checked the dealer said it's good. I will see this summer when I get a chance to drive it. Anyway my point to this is how can I get you my vin # so you can tell me the car id #? I hoping to show the car this summer at some local shows, and I am trying to put together a info sheet on the car.


    (Waiting for summer in Michigan)

    PS. I found a good web site that I bought some parts off of. directfordparts.com
  7. Frank,

    Send me a PM(Private Message) with your VIN# and I can compare it to a master list of all 4628 "Limited Edition" GT's built.

  8. Jason,

    PM Sent