35th Anniv 35th production numbers

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  1. Hey can someone tell me where I can go to find the production number on my 35th anniversary? I tried the 35th registry a long time ago but never got a reply.Thanx.
  2. PM VORHEES with your vin and he can tell you. :) Welcome.
  3. hey thanks! can u tell me how to PM him Ive just joined today.
  4. I replied to your message 99intrcptr.

    Yours is #2696 of 4628.
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  5. Production numbers

    I saw that someone has the production numbers for the 35th GTs. I was wondering if someone can help me to decrypt my vin to solve my problem.
    I have had the car since 2001. My vin is 1FAFP42X9XF169003, can anyone help?

  6. I also replied to your PM... Your GT is #1417 of 4628. Unfortunately, thats all the information I can give you. Its all I have available.
  7. While we're at it how about 1FAFP42XoXF188877 1999GT?
    I had a guy come over to me at a parking lot (he also had a 99) and tell me that my car was a "real" 35th anny edition. I have the pony style interior, floormats, blackout between the tailights, but I'm a little confused over his statement.
    Any light on this would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

  8. Hello blacksheep,

    Yes, you have a true 1999 "Limited Edition" GT. # 2701 of 4628 total made. Which part of his statement was confusing? It may be because all 1999 Mustangs(except Cobra) have the 35th badge. But not all are "Limited Editions".
  9. So all 99's were 35 annys, but the "limited edition" were different because of the extras?

  10. Much confusion about the 1999 Mustang came from Ford themselves. Because simply by the act of placing the simple badges on Mustangs in 1999(V-6 and GT alike) everyone has a "35th Anniversary Mustang", but not the specific model built to commerate the 35th Anniversary. That designation is upon the "Limited Edition" GT only.
  11. ALL 1999s are 35th Anniversary Mustangs and have the 35th Anniversary badge on the front fenders. Of the 126,067 Mustangs built in the 1999 model year, 4,628 were "Limited Edition" Mustangs.

    Limited Editions came only in White, Black, Silver, or Performance Red.

    Total Production: 4,628

    Coupes 2,318
    Convertibles 2,310

    Performance Red 1,555
    Black 1,299
    Silver 1,259
    Crystal White 515

    Here's a good site for 1999 Production figures:

    Exterior Features of 1999 Mustang:
    hood scoop, black applique on hood, black honeycomb between taillamps, 17" X 8" bright machined 5-spoke aluminum wheels

    Interior Features
    Midnight Black leather/vinyl seats with silver leather inserts and "Pony" logo, Midnight Black carpeted floor mats with 35th Anniversary logo, instrument cluster with gray mask and 35th Anniversary script, silver leather door trim inserts, aluminum shift knob.

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  12. Yep, that's mine performance red, just like the pix Thanks for the help.
    If any of you guys live around St. Petersburg, Fl. let me know. We have a very informal "white trash mustang club" basically, we meet for dinner on Tuesday nights.
  13. That's the key . . . If you have a Black, White, or Silver car it may or may not be a Limited Edition, but if it's a '99 and it's Performance Red, it's definitely an L.E. . . .
  14. ok....I'm new to stangnet too I recently bought my 99 mustang 35th anniversay I was wondering too if someone could help me find the production number on it.
    thanks :D
  15. Send your VIN to Voorhees . . . .
  16. i ended up PM him last nite............ thank you

  17. Check your PM, I sent your number to you.:SNSign:
  18. THANKS SO much for the info and the QUICK response! :hail2:

  19. No problem, I visit the site daily m-f.
  20. voorhees.. i sent you a pm. i just bought a real 99 anniversary limited. its white black top and its an auto. i know they only made 515 white ones but i am trying to figure out how many out of that 515 were converts and auto.. can you help??
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