35th Anniv 35th production numbers

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  1. whats my #

    hey i was just wondering if and one knew what # mine is the vin # is 1fafp4040xf186376
  2. Hey how are you I wanted to know if you could help me out with the Production number of 1999 35th Anniversary "Limited Edition" GT Coupe here is my vin # 1fafp45xxxf212209 your help we be greatly appreciated

    Thank You
    35th Poohtang99
  3. replied to PM. thanks.
  4. Found one today for sale, debating purchase. looks clean despite 143K on the clock,

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  5. If you don't mind my asking, what is the asking price?
  6. I believe it is $4300
  7. I would go take a look at is and check it out. As long as the miles don't scare you. Of course it is not the number of miles on a car, but how the car was maintained for that number of miles. You can get a good idea just by looking at the over all condition as to whether or not the owner/owners took care of it over the years.
  8. Btw, its #1063 of 4,628.
  9. 35th Anniversary edition, I'm new to this forum and would love to know my production number 1FAFP42XXXF165672. Black on black, 5 speed, 57,429 original miles (all driven by me), would also love to know a private seller price if possible.
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  10. I have a 35th anniversary mustang convertible, if I have the vin # could anyone suggest to me if I should keep it or be better to sell it?

  11. Respectfully. Selling it is really up to you.. What is the issue?
  14. Hi mate if I give you my vin could you tell me what number my 35th anniversary convertible is please much appreciated cheers Paul
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