35th Anniv 35th valve stem caps

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by smokin'Red35th, Aug 15, 2004.

  1. Anybody know where to get the valve stem caps that came on the 35th GT rims? for some reason i only have one left. :shrug:
    Thanks guys, ill check back in a week, maybe if im lucky, i'll have a reply, lol.
  2. If they are oem a ford dealership should have them shouldn't they? Just taking a stab in the dark.
  3. What made them different? Mine were the factory cheap gray plastic ones and I got some chrome ones with the pony logo on them.
  4. mine are metal and match the rims.
  5. Please post a pic. I don't think they are factory. None of the "Limited" I've seen have them. Mine didn't and I bought it new.
  6. Ill try to post a pic later, when i figure out how to pull pics off my camera with this ******* up computer

  7. I would love to see what you're talking about also...
  8. Mine were black plastic ones also. Bought chrome pony logo ones off ebay.
  9. never mind, i guess the ones i got were aftermarket.
  10. Mine were just the plastic grey as well. I know the 40th anniversarys have like a purple tint to them.