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  1. Well.....you know what they say about boats. The two best days you own them are the day you buy it and the day you sell it.

    Focus grasshopper.
  2. Whatever floats your boat :shrug:
  3. You ever see anyone with a frownie face while on a boat or jet ski? Nope, because it doesn't happen. I'll be getting me some stand up ski's next summer.
  4. when it breaks down Im not smiling. fuggin money pit of despair.
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  5. the term boat=

  6. When our beloved Foxbody breaks down :crap::fuss::fuss::fuss:

    A boat breaks down at the lake , pop open the cooler :drink:turn up the music :banana: and float
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  7. When my beloved Fox body breaks down, I call CAA, have it towed home and have it back up and running in a matter of hours for little expense....after which I'm grilling steaks, drinking beers all before the sun goes down...

    .....while you sit there with your bail bucket and empty cooler, floating aimlessly around. :D
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  8. I'd rather float with half naked chicks and booze in the sun. Have fun playing with your meat bro. :D
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  9. I have both. I'd sink that boat in a heart beat before I get rid of the car. But each their own
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  10. image.jpg Only pic with both in it. Idk why I'm posting it. Lol
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  11. So making the boat move leaves a sitting "New '09 Dart short block" ...forged steel everything short block". Who wants it??!!! ...you gotta' come pick it up. Near Lawerenceville, Ga.

    00303_37EqnfBnQeL_600x450.jpg 00k0k_9XI33HfoWSR_600x450.jpg 00X0X_iGRGhZfbRWA_600x450.jpg
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  12. Boats are dumb
  13. them half naked cicks are going to get sunburnt after a while, and then they are going to get pissed at you, and you get nothing from them, where as even after towing the car home, firing up the bbq, and letting the chicks swimall they want in a swimming pool, they can then go inside and get out of the sun, and cool off, still drinking, still very happy, and still willing to give it up when we are ready for it.:D:D:D:D
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  15. You obviously haven't been to Lake Havasu. Boats and skis are tons of fun.
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  16. lol....that's only assuming you think far enough ahead to bring a half naked chick out on the water with you. If not.....well, lets just say you'll have plenty of time to yourself.

    Better yet...maybe you took some of the boys out fishing that day. I hope you like to cuddle.....those breezes coming off the water can get a might chilly. ;)
  17. I'm an hour and a half away. You said come get it, so I will! You never mentioned wanting money in exchange for it. ;)

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