363 stroker

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  1. who's the best to deal with on a 363 short block? what company?
  2. RNH Performance but I might be biased... ;)

    If I can help let me know.
  3. I've heard good things about Woody with Fordstrokers.com but from the time i've spent around here, id say RNH is your best bet. Rick never seems to steer anyone wrong and i've seen him go out of his way quite a bit for a lot of members here.

    Or I'll build you the 363. twice the cost and half the quality, Guaranteed!
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  4. :rlaugh: @ "twice the cost and half the quality." When I have money someday, I plan to have RNH build me a SBF stroker of some sort after all of the recommendations and satisfied customers around here. :nice:
  5. :lol: Same here!!!