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  1. MY buddy has an 86 svo for sale in the charlotte north carolina area. on 100 octanne it makes 385 WHP on 26 Psi! :hail2: hes asking $11000 for the car. Its in amazing condition. I figured i would post this wondering if anyone would really be interested in buying a car that is already modded this much...
  2. Man, I live in Charlotte but I dont have $11,000 :(
  3. and thats with the factory head! It has a front mount intercooler, 65mm TB, gutted upper, ported lower, 42 lb injectors, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, header, full 3 in exhaust, k&n custon filter setup, SDS, ignition components, copper gaskets (head, header, turbo), SS braided oil lines, konig wheels, spec stage 3 clutch, spec aluminum flywheel, BOV, external wastegate, boost controler, A pilar guages (boost, EGT, A/F).

    on 93 octane he runs 18 psi.
    on 100 octane he gets 26 psi! which makes about 385-390 whp.

    great paint, side spats in perfect shape, no problems with interior, bi wing supports.

    theres a few other things i cant think of but thats pretty much it. If i had the money i would definetly buy it after i rode in it!

    Fast as S**T!!
  4. better fly for 11k.......
  5. Send me some pics please.... (removed)

  6. This post is 3 years old...:nonono:

    You should also know better than posting your e-mail address on a public forum.
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