3g Alt Question

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  1. Yes I am just full of questions

    Did the swap , very happy with it except at idle it dips to about 12.5 v , I notice the pulley is bigger on the 3G . if I swap my fox pulley do we feel it would help ?

    4ga wiring from alt to Solonoid with fuse as well

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  2. is it the 1 wire version with internalregulator? Those require a bit of rpms to get them "started"
  3. no sir has the same connections as reg 3 g the reg is on the back 3 wires

    the white goes from the big connector to the small square one , green to green yellow to yellow and then my 4ga

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  4. Yes, swapping the pulley will help keep the alternator up to speed.

  5. yvunubeq.jpg

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  6. Thanks that's what I figured but wanted an opinion

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  7. Yes, swap the pulley.

    You'll need a 5/8 ID washer to act as a spacer. You'll see what I mean when you try to slip the 2G pulled onto the shaft.
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  8. that smaller pulley should fix you up
  9. If you put a smaller pulley on a 2g will it overheat and burn up?
  10. no. I run a over drive 1 11/16 pulley. People have been doing this mod for years with no problem.
  11. Yeah the pulley change will help im running 14.4v at idle
  12. use it on the back side because it will sit to close to the case ??

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  13. Yup.

    If appearance is an issue, ASP makes compatible alternator pulleys of various finish. Diameters are 1 7/8", 2" and 2.5".
  14. Got it will do it tomorrow thank you !
  15. Just to clarify, the 5/8" is the ID. That's the shaft diameter so the washer would slide on.

    Just don't want anyone to buy a 5/8 OD washer!
  16. I assumed LMFAO . I will grab one tomorrow at work Thank you again pal
  17. Alright cause my Power Master is low at idle and about 12.9 or so when I'm driving.
  18. When you rev the engine it's still 12.9? Might be a voltage regulator issue. Should have 14v above idle.
  19. I thought so as well but I had it tested its fine. Its internal. I'm just thinking its cause my underdrive pulley
  20. yep. ditch the U/D alt pulley as it's probably 2 1/2" and is meant to slow the alt- not good. . I bought the March overdrive pulley off Flea bay.. Sorry don't remember the PN off hand but it made a big difference. You can see it in my sig pic.