3G Alternator Install: A How To

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  1. Didn't even see this before I posted a question about install. hmmm.

    What is a scotch lock and what big electrical plug are you talking about. I'm still somewhat fuzzy on how you hookup the 3G using the 3G factory harness I have. Can anyone explain a little more or post a few pics?

  2. FWIW the fuse should be as close to the alternator as possible. -less than 18 inches. The fuse is used to protect the wire and electronics behind it and should be placed @ the power source side of the run.

    And once again, ground (make sure it's a good ground) with whatever gauge you ran your alt power with. Solder your connections and shrink your exposed terminals. If you neglect to do these things you and Kirchhoff will be chasing electrical gremins in the future.
  3. My friend told me to attach the cable from the alternator to the positive terminal on the battery so that is how I have been running my car for the past week or so...will this harm anything?

    Also, where is the starter solenoid so I can do it right.

  4. The starter solenoid is on the drivers side fender, usually under a plastic cover. Here is a pic of it without the cover and the alternator wire where it goes.


    It is basically the same as connecting to the battery, but looks cleaner.
  5. I did the 3G install here a few weeks ago, but I used some different instructions. The ones I used said to hook up the orange and black wires to the alternator, whereas these said not to. It started up the first time, but now it won't start at all. Now the fuel pump continually primes and won't shut off, and it doesn't seem to be getting any spark. Any ideas? Did this fry the computer?
  6. Not likely.

    This alternator post is not the place to post no start problems. Create another post with the heading No start and the year model of you car and I will be glad to help you. I have a complete Cranks OK but no start checklist for fuel injected Mustangs that will help you find and fix your problem.
  7. great write up Roland
  8. Anyone have an actual picture of the 3G wiring with the 4ga wire? It's just a curiosity thing on my part, but the installer who put my alt in did not go the 4ga route. Ran it like this for a long time, but I want to wire it up the right way before I have a failure and/or fire. I just need to see the alternator istelf with the wiring. No diagrams, please. Thanks.
  9. i'd like to see this too. i did the 3g upgrade last year but didn't use any 4g wire. kinda ghetto rigged it too. :( i'm gonna go to the store and get the stuff i need to do it right later today. good info so far though.
  10. Are there pictures here that help?
  11. yeah i looked at those and they help some. but just for verification, when running the 4g ground wire, i just need to replace the braded ground "strap" that runs from the back of my driver's side head to the firewall with the 4g wire, correct?
  12. Cenok, I leave the OEM ground and run an additional 4 AWG ground cable. You cannot have too many engine grounds.
  13. cool. so just bolt a 4g cable somewhere on the motor and then to the firewall or frame? sorry i'm asking such n00b questions, just wanna get it right this time
  14. is there any pictures of the alternator wiring on someones car? When it comes to wiring I am more of a visual kind of person. I am waiting for my 3g to come in but want to make sure I understand everything. Like the wire you spice into where do you plug it in on the alt? unless the new alt's wiring is different I dont see where to plug it in. Also am I understanding this right the 4g wire goes from the power side of the alt to the power side of the starter silinoid with a 125amp fuse inline? Sorry about the questions and the long post but I dont like wiring cause 1 mistake and you can fry lots of crap!

  15. I made an Extra Ground Wire for my Car too, I just ran it from the Head over to the Swaybar mount.
  16. It goes to the lonely male spade connector on the alternator housing.

    Yep, when you get the 3G, you will see the spot for the wire (it's not there on a 2G casing).

    Yep, the 4 gauge cable goes from the alternator's charge stud (this is different than on a 2G - you will see where it goes once you get the 3G alt), to a fuse, and then on to the battery lug of your solenoid.
  17. Cool, Thanks!
  18. do you have a pic of how you mounted the alt to the alt bracket?i have had problems with shreding belts and i narrowed it down to a miss aligned alt.when i bolt it up i through bolt the top bolt and hand tighten it and that leaves the bottom bolt sitting slightly off the rear part of the bracket so what i have done is put 2 washers in there to make up the space.just want to know if this is the way to go. phil