3G Polished Alternator 130 Amp 87-93 94/95 Fox SN95

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by 99FiveOh, May 30, 2010.

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  1. wow thats a really good deal i know who im going to when my alternator goes. also do you require the return of our bad alternators?
  2. No core charge required, but if you wanna send the old alternator to me I'll gladly pay the shipping cost to do so.
  3. Hey The_Mustang... what would you want to polish an A/C compressor if I sent you one?
  4. I can do a Fox or SN95 unit for 100 bucks. I tried to PM you but I can't seem to get the option to pop up.
  5. Kewl... I'll get back with you once I get stateside. Here's another bump for your thread. :nice:
  6. 6 more left!
  7. if i send you my alt. how much would it cost for a polished one shipped?
  8. I'll do an exchange for 70.00 plus your old one. If you know how to take it apart and it works good, then i'll do the case alone for 50.00. That will make shipping very cheap since the case weighs nothing!
  9. all I need is ur address and I'll send it along with the 70. I was told to go with a 130amp alt because I'm doing an electric fan up grade. Do you think I have to do that or will mine be ok? And what is the turn around iff I send only the case? Thanks again.
  10. well the 130 amp is definitely a much better choice, especially if you're going with an electric fan. The weak 65 amp alt that's factory on fox's isn't even enough to power the requirements of a stock car, much less any additional strains you might put on it.

    And for 30 more than that you'll have a lifetime warranty alternator that looks awesome and will keep up with your power consumption needs.
  11. email sent!
  12. are they all sold? i want one
  13. Pm Sent njoliver

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