Drivetrain 3rd Gear RPMs hang around 4000

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by runningONfumes, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. 1st and 2nd, strong as day 1. 3rd not so much.... Take for instance coming onto a freeway ramp, downshifts into 2nd, RPMs climb beautifuly, shifts into third around 5900, 3rd climbs as normal until it gets to 3800-4000 and just sorta, stays there and climbes reeeaaallllllyyyyyy slow but car still gains speed and will sometimes.....well most of the time shift into OD before 5200 RPMs with foot to the floor. One other strange thing is, while its doing the reindeer games hopscotch raindance thing at 4000 RPM if i let off the throttle a bit, RPMs will jump straight up to 5000 or a little higher.
    Started gradual, now its really getting bad! I have heard a few rumors this is a torque converter lock-up problem. Is this rumor true?

    2001 GT 109,982K
  2. I had 2 kind of problems, that in both the 3rd gear was too late OR sometime wont even :poo: and "as my best describe of the thing " is shiffting back wards getting back to the 2nd and the service engine soon start blinking AND the OD green light blink too .

    the first thing was that one day was driving under the rain, and did not see that ROCK and the HOLE filled with water just after it, and the ROCK hit the under part of the gear, crack it, and while I jumped in that hole filled with water, some water came inside to the " what the mechanic name it for me " the brain OR the computer of the Gear, where I had to replace that part and fix that crack,.

    the other time . I had a very bad shifting problem , and the same mechanic said that my clutch was a little consumed , and need to be replaced, but he offered another thing which he pushed the clutch , and said this must work for you for few weeks, that was 6 months ago, and thank god, still in a good shape :)

    hope these info was useful bro, keep us updated :D
  3. Just got the car back from AAMCO and they say their is nothing wrong with the trans. HA probably cause its still under warranty, well guess its time for a compression and valve test. :dammit: