3V aftermarket manifold

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  1. :banana: LS1 guys have been using FAST intakes with great results for a long time. glad to see FAST working on a 3V manifold as well. they are a similar intake to the LS1, so it makes sense to me.

  2. what is expected price?
  3. wow jsut saw they are arodun $800 for the LS1 manifolds, ouch
  4. not too bad for +40 hp increase! comparable to a CAI/tune combo. a P&P head package is easily twice that, but offers the same performance gains.
  5. finally!!!
  6. yeah but we will see im doubting the 40+ hp, im praying im proved wrong though
  7. yeah 40hp is a really high claim. I guess we will see.
  8. i been begging foir this for almost as long as i have owned my car! its gonna be here soon :banana:

    the projected HP is probably not RWHP, but we will have to wait and see.
  9. Anyone know an approx date, besides early 07? I would also have to say we will all need a custom tune.
  10. need brent to get one of these as early as possible so he has tunes ready for us! :D

  11. Agreed. I just hope these manifolds are less than $800.00, but I doubt it. FAST does make some great manifolds than work.
  12. i am sure the introductory price will be outrageous. :mad: hopefully they will see the profit potential of many sales, rather than just the initial sales for big profit.
  13. yeah but if the claim of 40 hp stands it will be worth a bundle...even if it is at the flywheel...i have been wondering when one of these was going to be available
  14. especailly if the claim is on a stock engine. Gains will be better you CAI, TB, P&P heads, CAMS, and exhuast work.
  15. the aftermarket seems to be really gaining steam for the 05+ cars. They seem to be skiping over the 96-04's now..

    BTW I highly doubt a gain of 40+ HP on a close to stock or stock car.
  16. Seems like alot to ask from an intake....... we'll see.
  17. If they don't interfere with the CMCV, it looks like a tune may not even be required since it doesn't affect the air transfer function.