3V Mod swap Fox


Oct 10, 2011
ok not doing a coyote or 3v swap but i am doing a 5.4 dohc swap since i already have the 4.6
not to sure if this is off subject but im going to ask anyways since you might have found the answer to my question
so here it goes can you use your stock 5.0 fuel rails on the 5.0 coyote intake manifold?
the coyote uses vertical bolts to mount the fuel rails and the 4v cobra or navi fuel rails has horizontal bolts
i saw some foxbody 5.0 fuel rails that look like they mount just like the coyote ones do
any thoughts, suggestions?? thanks
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Rick 91GT

Mustang Master
Nov 29, 1999
No you will not be able to use a fox rail with that intake....they mount totally different and the spacing is different.

The only vertical mount style rails for a fox are aftermarket with specific intake, efi super victor or probe/pp spider.