3V Spark plug change hell

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  1. I wonder if a Seafoam treatment before changing the plugs would help to break up the carbon build up?
  2. It might, but the shield is actually surrounded by the head... it's not protruding... so I dunno if it would help that much.
  3. Yeah, thats why I'm wondering if it would help. I don't think it would hurt, and might be worth a shot (and follow the TSB ofcourse). I have 28K miles on the original plugs.
    hmmm... :scratch:
  4. Mine are both under 10k, but I'm still scared to change them! Guess I'll have to get that done as part of spring maintanence.
  5. Dunno if anyone has ever heard of Auto-Rx, but it's an oil additive that dissolves common buildup in engines, including carbon buildup. Supposed to work well, and has gotten great reviews on automotive sites (such as bobistheoilguy.com, they care way to damn much about the oil in their 89 civics and what not). I'd bet it would help in this issue, as the oil would have a chance to get in between the plug well and bore.
  6. got lucky

    changed my plugs with the turdbo. almost broke a couple plugs as they were very hard to turn but i got lucky! put anti-sieze on them, 10k miles later, i can almost pull them off with just an extension. come right off!
  7. This problem is not exclusive to the mustang, all 3v Ford engines in their entire line have this problem. That is why Ford will not pay for plug replacement damage, it would cost them untold amounts of money and they don’t have it.

  8. Is this something they've fixed in the 08's?

    I've changed my plugs numerous times and have had absolutely no problem whatsoever. I think I've pulled and put back my plugs at least 5 times now that I'm on teh juice.
  9. Bottom Line

    Well guys, I got the POS back. Yeah, I broke 1 of the plugs, but my Ford dealer broke 5 more. And ya know what? I had to pay for the whole thing, this was after they called and told me they were going to cover the job under warranty. When I picked it up, they presented me with a bill for $611.13. I had to pay big bucks because Ford can't design a decent engine. Yeah, I'm pissed. :mad:
  10. I haven't touched mine yet, but I am afraid to... I think I'll have to pull them soon and slather on the anti-seize.

    But seriously, why did they have to mess with a good thing? The spark plug has been around for what, at least 120 years? Now Ford comes along, thinking they have a better design, and apparently screw it up. Hell, when I bought my 1940 Packard, it had been parked in a barn and never started for 40 years, but the plugs came out no problem, the engine started up quickly after replacing the points, and it is still going strong on the FACTORY clutch with just under 500,000 miles on it.

    I just don't understand why today's car companies have to screw with a good thing. Sadly, they just don't make them like they used to......
  11. I highly doubt they changed anything on the '08s. You probably got them out before much carbon built up on them causing the cap to stick.
  12. Hello FORD. Put some antisieze on the plugs during assembly! How much can that cost compared to the time spent on this issue? I’ll take my commission for finding the fix in the form of a new Bullet.
  13. I asked a friend who works for a Chrysler/Dodge dealer about this problem some Mustangs and Fords are having. He said they have similar problems with some of their aluminum heads and 100,000 mile plug changes. They've had plugs strip the threads out of the head when removing them because of the carbon build-up and then forcing the plug while trying to remove them. He uses penetrating oil and lets it soak in just as has been described in the TSB from Ford.

    The fact that Chrysler products (and most likely GM as well) have the same problems makes me think this is more common and widespread simply because the plugs aren't getting replaced until 100,000+ miles.
  14. Plugs

    Just wait until lots of these vehicles get near the 100K mark. All hell is going to break loose.
  15. Yeah...hell will, but some/most of the spark plug caps won't break loose!:nonono: :mad:
  16. Plugs

    We'll see - I hope you're right.
  17. Hmmmm, good call Kool. Seeing as I'm on a power adder and race my car @ the track frequently, I have a habit of checking the plugs a lot.
  18. For daily drivers, maybe the thing to do is just not bother them for 100K and budget for a major repair or upgrades at that time. If they come out OK, you win with "mod money" in the bank. If they don't and you have the funds for anticipated repairs/improvements, you still come out ok.
  19. I was thinking of a turbo or s/c, But I guess I'll just wait. I have no intention on paying a ton of money to have the spark plugs replaced on top of a power adder install. If you look at this as the glass half full, ford just saved me 6 grand. I agree with tr7driver, I'll wait until the plugs need replacing. I don't put many miles a year on, perhaps 10k a year and i only have 30k on my 05 at the moment so I years to wait before I need to worry about this. By then I can just replace the whole engine with a stroker unit with some ported heads. Or perhaps a couple of years down the road they might have a better way of fixing the problem. Also, if enough people complain about this in a couple of years from now when all these motors require tune up's, there might be a recall (wishful thinking). Goog luck everyone.
  20. Has anyone here tried contacting the Australian Falcon owners? The 5.4L 3V has been in use in Australia since MY 2002. They've had 2-3 more years experience than the North American market, so they ought to have experienced this problem and found a solution by now.