3V Spark plug change hell

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  1. On a TSB, the car has to show the problem to be fixed. It's hard to demonstrate the problem with something like this. IF Ford were to do anything about this, it'd have to be a recall. One heck of a recall, at that.
  2. Why cant we just leave the part that seperates from the electrode in and just put in a new electrode? That is if the electrode doesn't break off in the head.
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    This would not be possible :nonono:
  4. i'm glad it worked out for you'but whats going to happen down the road when the time comes again?i've tried the brisk plugs and they went sour in about 6 months.what i do is pull my plugs every 10000-15000 miles and pull them when the motor is hot.they come loose with no problem, so far.i have a little over 49000 on my 05.i have 2 sets ot the ht1's and clean the carbon off with throttle body cleaner,and switch them out.i'm looking into the new motorcraft&champion plugs.the only thing is, i've found thru many years and many different fords, that champions don't want to work for fords.i'll post on when i try these plugs.
  5. You better be careful removing plugs out of aluminum cylinder heads when they are hot. The threads could come right out with the plugs.
  6. why not? the electrode is what needs to be replaced. so if the little tip seperates and is stuck in the head why not just replace the eletrode? just wondering. please explain
  7. Leaving the old ground shield electrode that's stuck in the head, and replacing only the remaining portion from a new spark plug will definitely cause multiple problems:
    1- The new spark plug's ground shield electrode has to be removed prior to installation, which will damage the plug and cause it to misfire.
    2- There will be inadequate contact between the old ground shield electrode and the new plug's metal body, which will cause a misfire.
    3- The gap between the old ground shield's bottom electrode and the new plug's center electrode will not be to specification, which will cause poor performance, poor gas mileage, and/or a misfire.

    I can safely say that the above will definitely happen because several owners have reported engine misfire after successfully removing, cleaning, and reinstalling their S197's spark plugs(no stuck ground shield electrodes). This indicates exactly how sensitive these plugs are, which means attempting your suggestion will unfortunately result in nothing more than an exercise in futility and frustration.
  8. thank for explining. Now im really scared to pull my plugs , since I have over 50k on the clock.
  9. I have replaced hundreds of plugs when they are hot and never seen that. Must be a Ford thing.:shrug:
  10. Hope this doesn't sound like a dumb question, but what is the difference between our 3v aluminum heads, over the 2v-4v aluminum heads that were used in the 99-04 SN-95 models. As the threads were still aluminum, weren't they ?

    If I'm also not mistaken, didn't the 99-04 models use 2 piece designed plugs as well. :shrug:
  11. Because of the design of the 3 valve combustion chamber the heads use a new spark plug that is alot longer than the standard spark plug. That is why the plugs are different and are having this problem.
  12. Then Ford definitely needs to come out with a new one piece design plug, and quick. Unless it's also possible to swap out the 3v heads, in favor of 4v heads from previous 99-04 models. :shrug:
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  14. I don't think it's necessarily a Ford thing. I've always read and been told to use care when dealing with aluminum heads. Changing the plugs when the heads are cold yields the best chance that you won't strip or otherwise mess up the threads.

    Can you get away with doing a plug change when the heads are hot? Probably. But why risk it?
  15. Because the Lady in the customers lounge with the three hyper kids doesn't want to be there all day.
  16. It's interesting how they all recommend changing the 3V plugs when the heads are warm. I've always changed the plugs on the 2V heads when they were completely cooled off.
  17. Local schucks said they don't know when they will get the 7989, and napa said its on national backorder. I called Championsparkplugs.com, they say they have 130 in stock with more on order. I think I'll eat the cost of new 1-piece plugs rather than changing the OE out every 15k miles (which is what my dealer recommended to get them out before they have the opportunity to sieze up and break off in the heads) or waiting until 100k and then being stuck with a $700 repair bill.
  18. I guess if you're wrenching for somebody else then you've got no choice. That's what customer lounge with hyper kids lady gets for not changing her own plugs.
  19. I purchased a set of the Champions and just got the shipping notice they will be here this Friday. Hated spending the money :notnice: , but didn't like the alternative of pulling the OE plugs every 15,000 miles and increasing the risk of stripping plug threads. Hoping performance and plug life are on par with the OE's for the money spent. I shall see.

  20. There is a set of the #7989 Champions in the Stangnet Classifieds:)
    Great Deal