3V Spark plug change hell

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  1. Plugs

    There are only (2) 1 piece plugs for our engines, Brisk and Champion.
  2. That will soon change in an economy based on capitalism. I'm holding out for a 1-piece finewire Iridium plug for the 3V heads.
  3. Guys, here's some pics I located on one of the other websites. They include the new 3v revised heads, along with the re-designed 3v spark plugs.

    It appears the new plugs, are more of a conventional one piece design, in which the threads aren't located above the shield areas, unlike those cheap 2 piece design 3v plugs.

    Anyway just thought I'd share them with anyone, who may be interested. :)

  4. dumb ? but

    If the sheild breaks off can you screw the plug back in and drive it to the dealer and tell them the car is not running right?
  5. I'll worry about the plugs when the 100K miles arrives...if it 'aint broke, don't fix it.
  6. Obviously there was a reason behind Ford changing both the head, and spark plug design.

    As for the reason, well it's due from the 2 piece designed spark plugs, in which the electrode shields were breaking in the heads, thanks to carbon build up seizing them all up.

    In fact there's been quite a few complaints, where plugs were breaking with less than 25k miles. That being said, I'd recommend at least having your plugs taken out, and then put a light coating of nickel anti-seize on the electrode shields, before reinstalling them !
  7. Why didn't Ford release revised 1-piece plugs or have the supplier change the design? Instead they revise the cylinder heads...
  8. Good question. I was wondering the same thing.
  9. Hey all,
    just traded an 3GT for an 08 GT and came over here to see what was happening. Saw thie plug thread and got to wondering if the 08's have the same problem? If so, I think I will do the same thing before any carbon builds up - only 580 mi. on the clock so I shouldn't have that problem yet!
  10. Very good question indeed, as it would've made far more sense if Ford had designed new one piece designed spark plugs for all 2005-08 models, instead of screwing us over by designing revised cylinder heads, for only those with 2008+ models. Nice going Ford :mad:
  11. I have read that all the 08s have the new plug. I have also read that only 08s manufactured in calendar year 2008 have the new plug. One sure way to find out--remove one of the plugs!
  12. All 2008 models with build dates after November 2007, have the new revised heads.

    Those with build dates prior to Nov. 2007, still have the previous designed heads !
  13. Valve Cover Codes?

    Does anyone have a description of the valve cover codes? I'd suspect that one of the codes will indicate the new head/sparkplug type. Will be swapping plugs (07 - old style) next weekend during a whipple install. By the way, the kit came with the FRPP two piece plugs :mad: .
  14. Klaw, did you get a chance to look over post #105 ? The valve cover code If I'm not mistaken, appears to indicate the new head/spark plug type :shrug:
  15. I saw that post and that's what got me thinking. One of the codes will indicate the new head style but which one?:shrug:
  16. Hi all,

    Well I decided to check my plugs after 25000 Km. They came out without hesitation, there is minimal carbon buildup. I put a little of the nickel anti seize and screw them back in. The problem now is that the engine has a rough idle and hesitates when accelerating upto approx. 2K rpm. I thought that I might have put too much anti seize on the plugs and it ran down to the electrode, so I pulled the plugs back out and they are like new. I then decided to clean the MAF sensor but still the engine is not running smooth.

    Anyone has an idea of what might be causing this? Thanks.


  17. You must of got antiseize on the plug tip and its shorting out at the electrode. Take them out and clean them off and put them back in minus the anti-seize and see what happens.
  18. It's also possible that one or more plugs are bad. Other S197 owners have also experienced hesitation problems after removing and reinstalling their existing plugs, and it caused by a short which was occurring due to the porcelin cracking inside the electrode shield.