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  1. Im thinking of doing a 3v swap and been doing research on this a bit, not dead set on it yet. I dont need anyone telling me to go 4v or FI. Im looking for people that may have experience in it or may have a write up on it. Cant seem to find what im looking for so I thought I would ask you guys. If I do it it will be a full swap with trans and pcm. Thanks.
  2. Muscle Mustangs and FF did it and had a small write up on it. I'm nowhere near needing a new engine in my car but this is also my plan when the time comes. I think it would be easier to use the cars 2v computer and lock out the cam phasers on the engine. You will need a drive by wire kit or a compatible TB to use the stock throttle cable. Other that that it looks just as easy as replacing it with another 2v.

    Also do not know for sure if the 3v used a return or returnless fuel system, or if it ever changed in any year prior to the new 4v 5.0l engine.
  3. There was an article in 5.0 and Super Fords (June 2013) about the engine swap and it included many of the mods required to make it work. The article sourced much of its info from Logan Motor Sports. www.loganmotorsports.com . Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  4. From what I've read it requires a return style system. I'll check into that magazine and see what it says. I want to have it setup just as it is on a stock 07 08.
  5. I've looked into this swap a good bit, and have never heard that mentioned.
  6. I have a few places but honestly I don't understand why it makes such a difference.
  7. There's a reason why you don't see any 3V swaps....

    No motor "requires" a specific fuel system. A return system is better for a high-horsepower or FI setup but makes no difference on a basic 3V.
  8. Would definitely help if you don't have to change that right away.
  9. I am in process with a 2v build, but have a 2010 F-150 with the 3V that I love. Not sure what Nightfire is referring to as why you don't see many, other than most go 4v?
  10. Yea most prefer the 4v and I would love to drop in a coyote and go from there but some people don't have to funds for that, that's why I decided on a 3v I can get a full drop out for about 3k. May not be the most powerful but still a good engine.
  11. The 3V in my truck is rated at 292hp/320tq vs 260/302 on the 2V so it is a step up. 3k seems steep to me?
  12. It's engine trans ecu gas peddle harness and all accessories
  13. Ugh. You're right, advertised HP is everything.

    That was me being sarcastic.

    BTW, the 260/302 2V will rape your 3V truck. I know that it may be hard to understand since your 3V "has more power"
  14. I'm still curious to see how this swap would work out. Is it underway yet or what is the deal?
  15. I have to wait on taxes to get started on it, basically trying to get all the research and trying to talk to play with experience on this swap. Once I start I'll definitely keep this updated as much as I can.
  16. Ugh. Your right, Ford put it in the 2005 -2010 Mustang as it was a step down
    That was me being sarcastic

    BTW, the 292hp/320tq 3v in a F-150 will rape the 260/302 2V F-150. I know its hard for you to understand since your not comparing apples to apples, and prefer to throw out an insult. Maybe your under the impression Ford made a mistake and didn't correct it for 5 years and it was so bad they felt it would be good ideal to put it in the F-150 as well. Ugh - your right again based on advertised HP - lol
  17. This is not meant to bash certain engines, I'm just trying to get info on the swap itself.
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  18. Sorry smokiez. Didn't know stating #'s and being happy with my 3v would start insults or a "2v will rape" being thrown around. Most get stuck on gotta be a 4V, and I like to see folks working with the 2 and 3v. Good luck with your swap.
  19. It's all good. I value everyone's opinion on here. I just don't see the need for anyone to get all testy on a forum, save that for the track when they can back it up. Everyone has their own opinion and what they like but some money is an issue so we take what we can get.
  20. Hi OP, I just singed on to this site (was here yrs ago) because I seen your doing the swap. I have a 04 Mustang GT and have had personally done this swap to my car the past yr. I used my factory 2V ECU (With dyno tuning) all 2V accessories, 3V intake tube (for now)..to make a long story short, its not that hard. aggravating yes as any engine that's not supposed to be there will be. But the 3V is a lighter engine because is aluminum and revs very nice. Plus I always like the look ppl get when I raise the hood....oh yeah, stock hood wont close, you will need a new one haha.
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