3V Valve Spring Compressor & Timing Chain Wedge

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  1. For any of you doing your own cams in the future I've got the place for you to get your tools from. They were very friendly and the shipping was very fast. You can rent or buy from them. The best part about it was I suggested a new way to redesign the valve spring tool to make it easier for all us 3 valve boys and they created the thing in no time and now we can all benefit from it. You can check it out at the links below allong with all their other Ford specialty tools.

    New Tool
    Automotive Specialty Tools

    Main Page
    Freedom Racing Tool and Die LLC
  2. Original post has been updated with pics and information!
  3. Additional features to make the tool even better! For example it now comes with two feet; one to remove followers and a different one for springs.

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  4. Bump with new pics added!
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