4.0 procharger system puts out 400 hp

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by cobra232, Sep 17, 2005.

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  2. That would be too sweet to imagine. Someone buy one and post a report.
  3. ok... here's the math...

    210 + 65% = 346..... hmmmm little short of 400... and I thing 65% is optomistic...
  4. 9psi to get 210 to 400hp is pretty hard to believe, id love to see dyno charts (400hp should be like 340 at the wheels). Generally 8psi =50% gain in power, sometimes a little more depending on how well its intercooled, and the type of forced induction.
  5. 65% would be about right with a 9psi intercooled kit (they are sayin over the 210 mark which is a little underrated). But yes, 346 (close to what the RWHP needs to be, and not the flywheel).
  6. wheres MSP??? what you gonna do now? nitrous? turbo? procharger?
  7. 180+/- rwhp x 1.65 = 297 rwhp.

    210 flywheelHP x 1.65 = 346.5 FHP

    Regardless, these would be great numbers. But what am I missing on the 400hp claim?
  8. my 98 dyno'd 122rwhp stock with duals

    the procharger 11psi kit and 1.8 rockers added in dyno'd 226rwhp without a tune

    which shows an 85% increase over my stock setup

    the roller rockers probaby accounted for about 10rwhp

    i believe the procharger will put out in the 4.0

    the 4.0 has really been suprising me. it makes nice power and is eager for modding

    procharger always estimates flywheel HP. my 11 psi kit was estimated by them at 275hp

    assuming close to a 20% drivetrain loss it would put rwhp right at 220 so they are pretty close i'd say

    don't forget the 400hp claim is from the 9psi tuner kit which needs more injector and re-tuning and probably a bigger fuel pump
  9. 9psi is only 9psi though, i thnk 400hp is an extremly generous number from them. with an 11 or 12psi kit its probable. I remember readin somewhere that the kit did go up to 11psi, which would explain for the "near 400" power number.
  10. I have heard that too about them being generous with their numbers...

    What kind of boost do you think our V6 would be comfortable with?
  11. I would have to say that for long-term viability, no more than 8-9 without internal work. But I could be wrong. lol
  12. How long term are we talking? you want your engine to go 200k miles? 0 psi
    if you dont care if it blows after 60k then go 11psi

    my 01 ford explorer has bout 180k miles on the ticker, and still running fine. never even had the timing chain tensioners replaced (although i did do the intake manifold gasket tsb)
  13. Faz...long-term viability in my book is at least 30,000 miles with an induction modification like a S/C. There are shades of grey here when it comes to having a daily driver that is modified for track use.

    We are not all as fortunate as you, my young friend, to have 3 Mustangs available if something happens to the DD.
  14. Im sure the 4.0s are capable of 30k on the clock with a s/c. Of course its all in the tuning. Im sure nobody thought a stock 3.8 could take 17psi of boost for even 1 run, but justin's seems to have done fine.

    Reminds me of an MX-6 with a built motor on 23psi of boost and a 50shot. Guy made it about 6 feet before it blew, but did roll a good 40 feet haha. Few weeks later he brought back these little gold nuggets, and they were engine internals that melted. This is an example of POOR tuning lol.
  15. I agree ,,, I remember that I read somewhere that the true RWHP with these is only about 325 horses and that's at a very high RPM.

    Not bad, but still far shy of 400HP :(
  16. 400 HP is great, lets give them the benefit of the doubt... Throw in some P&P numbers into that ratio and we're seeing some great things.. and some blow drivetrains and rear ends. I think throwing a blower on there is great, but its going to be alot more expensive than just Prochargers numbers say. That 3-year warranty better include rearend and drivetrain :p
  17. Well, I'm about to put my supercharger on pre-order, the guys who'll be doing the install say the full kit is due out in 3-4 weeks (everything you find is pre-orders or tuner kit only... that's the word straight from ATI)

    They're doing a full install, tune, and dyno run, so I could probably post up those results when they're in.

    I can't wait.
  18. So, is a supercharger with a very conservative boost an wise option for a daily driver that you plan on keeping for years? I'd love a nice kick up in hp/tq, but would also like my engine to last. Would it be better stick with bolt-ons?